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Asun Casasola, you're not alone

  • The Asun Casasola Story Contest, which aims to represent a society without male violence, has presented the awards. Based on this year’s theme “A place in your name”, the winners, the women killed by men, those who have made history and the nodes have carried out a memory exercise.
Asun Casasola, loreak eskuetan dituela eta ipuinen irabazleez eta lehiaketaren antolatzaileez inguratuta.

08 March 2024 - 06:44

The relentless machismo wrestler, Asun Casasola, has been excited because the awards ceremony keeps alive the memory of his late daughter, Nagore Laffage, daughter of Asun Casasola, killed by José Diego Yllanes in the Sanfermines of 2008. Casasola recommends the documentary You're not alone, which just premiered on the Netflix platform. Documentary on the Manada case in which Casasola participated.

As for the award-winning stories, in the category of adults in Euskera, June is the protagonist of the winning story: the neighborhood square has the name of a woman and she would also like to have a place with her name, but when she knows why the plaza has that name she changes her mind: she wants plazas without a name. In the youth category, award-winning stories extol Indians and their role in history. In the Spanish language, one of the winners speaks of the trees sown by each deceased woman in recent years and the fraternal forest formed by all these trees; the other refers to the children who discover how important the woman was with the name of a plaza for the city and the community.

Borja Encinas and Malen Mujika de Irun win in the category of Euskera; Maria Sofia Abarth and Teresa Subiza de Ultzurrun in Spanish. The award-winning stories of all editions can be read on the web of the story contest.

June would also like to have a plaza with its name, but when he discovers why the neighborhood square has the name of that woman changes his mind: Jun wants plazas without a name

Nagore Laffage also has its own park

An Irun park is called Nagore Laffage. "What is not named does not exist and that is why it is so important. Every time someone asks about the girl named after the park, someone will tell you what happened – he explained to ARGIA Casasola. Thanks to the park, both the machista murder, my daughter, and all the women who have suffered the same, will remain in the collective memory, because Nagore Laffage is not just Nagore Laffage, but all the others, it should serve to remember all the victims.”

Since the murder of her daughter, Asun Casasola, who continues to participate in the school tertulias, struggles to keep her memory alive and disseminate messages against machismo, begins the contest of stories named: "The struggle carried out by Asun Casasola has become a symbol of the freedom of all women. The enthusiasm and passion for the struggle shown by this mother has been enormous and the competition arose with the intention of recognizing this model," explained the organizers.

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