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Palestine, we love you, free

  • The headline could be another: “Let us not be confused,” when we are told to camp at the university that we protect Hamas, when we are accused of being terrorists, anti-Semitic or violent, even though we have been beaten out of college. The criminalization of activism is one of the practices most used by the system of human demobilization.
AEBetako estatu idazkari Anthony Blinkenen hitzartze batean, genozidioaren konplizea izatea aurpegiratu zioten protestariek.
AEBetako estatu idazkari Anthony Blinkenen hitzartze batean, genozidioaren konplizea izatea aurpegiratu zioten protestariek.

Let us not be confused... when they approve Israel as a democratic state. Is democracy compatible with genocide? It's not war, it's killing. And now this systemic cruelty has not been born, the massacre stretches for decades.

Don't be confused... saying it's not occupation. Palestinian demography was transformed exponentially by the migration of thousands of Jews to the place they called the “promised land”, while thousands of Palestinians were violently expelled from their territory. The motto used by the Zionist Movement to attract Jews from all over the world is not true: “Land without people for a
people without land”. Before they arrived massively, they lived mostly Arab-Palestinian.

Progressive occupations of the territory, land expropriations, permanent displacement and the new colonies are fragmenting Palestine. Small land disconnected from each other, in the form of islands, isolated by walls or hedges, is being created. And without land, Palestine doesn't exist.

Let us not be confused... when they say that Israel has the right to defend itself. From whom? Of those who live in that land? Of the thousands upon thousands of Palestinians being killed? Of the Gazans who are mutilating? Do you say you have the right to defend yourself against those dying of hunger?

Did the Nazis who occupied France have the right to defend themselves? From whom? The resistance that resisted the occupation? Of the Palestinian machines? If you occupy a country frightening its inhabitants, it is difficult to think that resistance will not be organized. The opposite would be unnatural.

Let us not be confused with the Holocaust, saying that we are anti-Semites. Israel uses the memory of the Holocaust to victimize itself. We honor the victims of the Holocaust, and that is why we do not understand how a people suffered this by throwing bombs and starving.

We are not anti-Semitic, we are not against the Jewish people, we are against Zionist supremacism, and at the same time we admire the Jews who have publicly stood up against genocide.

Let us not be confused... with the infinite strength of Israel. Its military strength is much less than the coherence and resistance of the Palestinian people.

Besides being a massacre against Palestine, it is a war against the desire to build the world in another way. The Global South is rising. The United States needs Israel to maintain power in this area. The puppet of genocide in Europe and the UN declarations are nothing more than a dead letter left in nothing.

Don't be confused... saying you can't do anything. The killing machine in Israel would not work without very well built diplomatic, commercial, financial and associative alliances. It is our duty to weaken these alliances throughout the world. It is only through boycotts and any cooperation and connection with Zionism that we will succeed in curbing their violence and seeing ourselves again as human beings.

Don't be confused. We want to break the blockade of Gaza. We want to stop genocide. But above all we want Palestine to be a free people like any other country.

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