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Outlaw under the sun

Over the red light
The Clayton
Self-production, 2023


This group of Aramaio (Araba) drew attention in the vicinity of Arrasate in 2019, when they began to interpret that they were very young and published a rock model called Los Clayton. Spectacular direct, very fine and comfortable musicians singing, plus a frontman who knows what to do on stage.

Later in the middle of the Martin L pandemic. In the Silver studio of Guevara, they recorded and published a long work called Phoenix, elegant, vigorous, which at the turn of rock explores different styles and schools, many of them sweaty and felt.

Later, in the fifth edition of the music competition Danbaka Debagoiena, the first prize of the competition was obtained, facilitating the recording of this album. On this occasion they go to Zestoa to record, mix and masterise with Eñaut Gaztañaga. And then they come back in the scenes, in essence, under the arm of this work.

Phoenix had some hints of it and this time they wanted to make a delicious stop in the American melody of its roots. Thus, Gose is an American sound song and sturdy body, which also plays at medium temperature and sometimes leads guitars. Inertia is more intense, fast and playful. Intense and sticky rock and roll at a fast pace. The N-260 is even more American, which also links with the blues, what a riffs guitar and what a round result! In the rain is singing: With the help of Idoia Tapia, an almost epic and sensitive piece – porciierto, attentive to the video clip of this song – that drinks from American roots and that has no envy to the pop-rock after making a txikiteo with Eskean Cristo. I've also been fascinated by Let loose, with the pub-rock skeleton, because the clothes are more rocker and half the tempos is also rounded. At Buffalo, they make it clear that a lot can be said with few, because they convey the pleasure of playing. Light me up is an intense rock and roll. And finally, the evil rock Aingurarik ez, a finishing piece that links California melodies with Basque rock.

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