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Obsession with work


Something is happening with the subject of work, a change, political and social, which you can hardly enjoy.

When I refer to the work, I often head the paper that has appeared for a long time on a curve in the direction of Urepele, and perhaps what is still there, but why I have not gone to Urepele for a long time I have not said it. Throughout Euskal Herria, the walls are usually not virgins for a long time, there was already a particular writing. In the middle of a bit, on one side of the ttattola toe on the edge of the road, it was once written by one hand: WORK. Only in upper case, upper case and black. They were four letters by resignation, in all their crudety. Naked scream. Work: a job that can give everyone the gift of living, that keeps the young people there, that allows us to think about the future. It was written in a time of absence from work and certainly by a worker.

Work was the central value of many of our grandparents and ancestors, and on many occasions vulnerable, which pushed young generations from home and brought them to the other end of the world, to perform miserable jobs that they did not want, with force majeure, and that further eroded the desires and bodies, even in the case of those present here.

This time work is not just an obsession of the poor who do not have work.

In fact, it is the obsession of the bourgeois team of Macron; Manu, so little worked, convinced that the unemployment rate is due to the fabulous ones who do not want to go to work: his idol, that there is work across the street, we are all living and losing to work, the mouth of the unemployed, because we do not dream of a costard like his.

I don't know what our ancestors would think about the obsession with the work of today's higher classes and our demands as workers.

Since January, the unemployment office called Pôle Emploi (Employment Centre) has a new name: France Travail (Labour France). Now it combines two values that discourage me. And the change of denomination entails a new character: it extends the quotation time and dominates the rental rights. Everyone at work! It is closely linked to the idea of rearmament of France: we should now do our best and spend the days working. It resumes Pétain's ideal that left little time for laughter: homeland, work, family.

The issue was faraway, anachronistic. That's where I see him closest to last month. In fact, Euskal Hiri Elkargoa discussed Sunday's work and decided to open shops for twelve Sundays a year. The proposal seemed unacceptable, but it was adopted. Of course, with certain conditions, such as authorisation, not all peoples, etc. High, if the opportunity is given, the decision will go its own way. And so the institution we define as ours has decided that the worker in need of economic coercion would go to work on Saturdays and Sundays, regardless of family and friends, as well as passions for health, well-being and socialization, a nice souvenir to buy others, a frozen pizza and a bottle of Coca-cola, at immense prices.

I don't know what our ancestors would think, nor the hand owner who painted LANA about it, the obsession with the work of today's higher classes and our demands as workers on the reduction of working time, the four-day week and the labor awards. The gap between demands and decisions is great, greater between those who just want us to work and those who would avoid work.

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