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Waiting for miracles?

Recently, the Government has obtained the latest official data of the discharges that cause the climate emergency, for the year 2021. Emissions have increased again by 8%. What is more, we already know that in 2022 they have been growing again, with a 15% increase in emissions from sectors regulated by the European Union, which account for more than 40% of the total. We can therefore say that we have equated and overcome the reductions in emissions from the pandemic.

The installation of a longer light has resulted in a decrease of 9% in the last decade. Good data? Well, following this pace, we need 24 decades to achieve dense climate neutrality in which the spill is compensated for by the absorbed. But not 24 decades, we have 24 years to meet this goal. The pace must be multiplied by ten. It is said easily.

In the last decade emissions have decreased by 9%. Good data? Well, following this pace, we need 24 decades to achieve ditxosa climate neutrality.

We are easily losing the fight against the climate emergency. As a global and Basque community. But I want to remind you again that we cannot lose this battle, because losing it would mean losing everything. Thus, this expansive tendency to point out the culprits more than to materialize the solutions gives me increasing disgust. The issue that the United Nations Framework Agreement on Climate Change clarified a long time ago, we differ from common responsibilities, and the Basques, as we have lived in a privileged part of global capitalism, have a special responsibility.

In classical theater, the trick known as deus ex machina was used to solve extreme situations. Without any relationship to the script, with the help of a machine, a god would come out of the sky to solve an awkward situation. While there are still people chaining the hope of a “deus ex machina technological”, it is already clear that we only have a common and continuous transformative effort as a solution.

We have some drafts about what needs to be done. We know that we must reduce energy and material consumption a great deal, we know that we must give up the use of fossil resources, we know that we must extend renewables. But we still need full activation of collective intelligence to complete the journey. Let us decide on the details of this process, let us take the decisions and take the path once and for all, because the clarification of who was to blame for losing everything will not give us any comfort.

Bidali zure iritzi artikuluak helbide elektronikora

ARGIAk ez du zertan bat etorri artikuluen edukiarekin. Idatzien gehienezko luzera 4.500 karakterekoa da (espazioak barne). Idazkera aldetik gutxieneko zuzentasun bat beharrezkoa da: batetik, ARGIAk ezin du hartu zuzenketa sakona egiteko lanik; bestetik, egitekotan edukia nahi gabe aldatzeko arriskua dago. ARGIAk azaleko zuzenketak edo moldaketak egingo dizkie artikuluei, behar izanez gero.

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