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What to ask for a job?

11 December 2023 - 07:35

Few spend their whole lives at the same work. What was common at the time of our parents, today, is absolutely unusual. It seems that millennial generation youth will not spend five years in the same job and the time will be much shorter between Z and Alpha generations.

I too, after a long cycle of 25 years that is not the norm in today’s labour market, am engaged in a process of job change. Making a decision has not been easy. It has been well reflected, which has made it difficult to fully link and align with the project. In general it is not gold, but, in general, it has been a pleasant work, full of challenges, that has allowed me to experience and start many projects, in a good team and in a good work environment, with the possibility of exploring collaborations, with adequate working conditions, from the Basque and Basque… It has had many advantages, but it has also cost me to walk. In this case, therefore, the need for change and disconnection has prevailed over the other parties.

I’m reflecting on what I’m going to ask for the next job opportunity… What kind of work do I want? In my career so far the Basque language has been the main working language and I would like it to remain so”

I'll quit the job, and yet I don't have an associated job, I don't have a plan B. This, of course, gives me concern, we have to manage uncertainty and it is not easy for those of us who are used to predicting possible steps. Leaving a job without another certificate is an important step that requires courage, patience and responsible planning. We should be prepared for the challenges that may arise and have a proactive mindset in the search for a new job opportunity.

I’m reflecting on what I’m going to ask for the next job opportunity… In which sectors do I want to work? Which one? What kind of work would I like? The acceptance of the offer requires that the project be attractive, that it allows me to develop it, that it be added to the culture of the organization and that the working conditions are adequate... The salary must be attractive and the possibility of conciliation, the possibility of teleworking and the guarantee of a pleasant environment will also influence the decision.

In this equation there is another variable that influences my process of reflection and decision and I hope it will also affect the young generations that we form in Basque. In my career so far the Basque language has been the main working language and I would like it to continue to be so. In fact, Euskera is also the key to attracting talent and influencing people’s satisfaction, and a factor in making companies more attractive and competitive. At least the companies that also manage the Basque country say so. Many organisations measure the satisfaction of their workers and the factors that influence them differently. Do these measurements take into account the possibility of working in Basque, or the incidence of lack of opportunities in workers? In those sectors where it appears that there are difficulties in attracting and maintaining adequate staff, this should be taken into account.

Rober Gutiérrez, Director of the Bai Euskarari Association

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