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They ask for six years in prison against a Biscayan for trying to paralyze a eviction in Barcelona

  • Today, 29 February, the trial against two friends begins in Barcelona. One of the defendants is Zeberio (Bizkaia) and the other is Espluguesco (Barcelona). Trying to stop a eviction in Barcelona in 2020, the Mossos Esquadra violently confronted those gathered there. As a result of these events, two young people seek a six-year prison sentence.
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29 February 2024 - 12:49
Last updated: 14:16

Charged with the attack on public authority and disorder, on 29 February a trial of a Biscayan and Catalan before the Provincial Court of Barcelona has begun, after two delays. Defence lawyers argue that irregularities have occurred in the investigation phase of the case, which have violated the right of defence of the defendants. Thus, they ask for the review of the car and the judge, recognizing that there are signs of this, temporarily suspend the trial. Meanwhile, outside the court about 200 people have given shelter to the procesados.El support group of defendants Olzinelles Absolució has stated that the attack on authority and public disorder has used “to organize police assembly and punish the two militants of the

housing movement.”

The events of four years

ago date from 22 February 2020. The Public School and the Barcelona Sants Housing Group organized a carnival parade to denounce the destruction of the neighborhood, gentrification and increased housing prices. In the pasacalles, a building that had just been opened was presented to the neighbors, children and families of the neighborhood and aimed to collect the families that had been left homeless in the neighborhood. In a festive atmosphere, at the door of the building, the Mossos charged and identified about 70 people, among whom two randomly chosen persons were attributed responsibilities.

Since then, the trial has been delayed twice, in January and July 2023. The support group denounces that it is also "part of the repression", that is, to lengthen the judicial process and exaggerate its costs.

They denounce that the trial is part of the repression against the whole Housing Movement. "They exercise police, judicial and administrative repression against those who argue that housing should have the right". In fact, in Catalonia nearly 50 members of the movement have been arrested in recent years and have processed at least 150 people, and fines of between 300,000 and 400,000 euros have been imposed with the Mordaza Act.

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