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Putin missiles

06 March 2024 - 12:45
Tucker Carlson

On 9 February, the prestigious American journalist Tucker Carlson spoke for two hours with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This man is a Republican, right-wing extremist, they say, host of the Fox News chain, and in line with the famous Donald Trump. It is curious to know why Putin has given the opportunity to interview this journalist and not other Western people so far. Given the confidence of President Donald Trump, wasn't he going to bring Putin some important secret message?

Miguel Monreal

It is another element that adds to this. Why did the famous billionaire Elon M offer the journalist Carlson the opportunity to expand this open-ended interview? The X network, which used to be Twitter, disseminated the interview and for the following day had 200 million viewers, far exceeding all the figures obtained. The tripartite Carlson-Brussels-M allows you to think you have some plan in your hands.


This dialogue had a huge impact throughout the world. Putin said nothing new. Why a kind of vibration all over the planet? Probably, since the beginning of the Special Military Operation, a Western journalist interviewed Putin for the first time and overcame the two-year censorship of the Russian world.

Vladimir Putin

Now in the West, many people have heard Putin directly and there is no doubt that he will influence his views. He said a lot of interesting things, a lot of ideas that have to make us think. Like the bombs fell on us. Just listen to this dialogue to realize that it is a person of great culture, a great politician and a high state political level. It has been leading Russia, the largest country in the world for 24 years, a capacity that can only have highly qualified people.


They have come to us as a supersonic missile that destroys everything their opinion captures. Many missiles have emerged from this dialogue that go beyond the hegemonic discourse of the present West. The interview has highlighted the deficiencies of the message sent to us daily from EE.UU. and the EU and, as a high-level politician at state level, has consistently explained to us what we should all know about the war in Ukraine.

Volodimir Zelenski

It would be interesting to know why Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski denied the journalist Carlson the possibility of interviewing. It is well known that the Americans are trying to end the war and do not regard Zelenski as fit to manage that end. The denial of dialogue in this situation is not casual. On the other hand, it has also given rise to the thought that it was for fear of being deficient in content and political level with regard to Putin.

The interview has highlighted the shortcomings of the message we are being addressed daily from the US and the EU and, as a high-level politician, has consistently explained to us what we should all know about the war in Ukraine.

1. “The United States started this war.” That was the core of the interview that was spoken at different times in Puti. The first antecedent is in 1991, when the Soviet Union committed suicide. In return, “NATO committed itself not to extend to the east. But on five occasions he accepted new members and invited Ukraine and Georgia to become partners in 2008. In 2014, Ukraine suffered a coup and renounced constitutional neutrality. If the plan signed by the President of Janukovich with Germany, France and Poland had been respected and the coup d’état had not taken place, he would have made no finger.” Following these references, it marks the beginning of the Ukrainian war in 2014. He notes as a trigger that NATO's US and UK military bases were beginning to appear on Ukrainian territory, repeating the Ukrainian government's unwillingness to comply with the Minsk Convention, the Holland and Merkel declarations and the ongoing bombings of Donbass civilians.

2. “I know the United States wants to end the war and they don’t know how.” By saying that there can be no strategic failure for Russia, it means that this war has won Russia. Putin does not believe that the United States is involved in a world war, nuclear war. To round the message, he adds that “war can end in a few weeks. It’s enough that the US doesn’t send more weapons.”

3. “We are ready to negotiate.” It goes on to explain on several occasions the most significant steps in the negotiating process: from 1991, Russia simply said “not to do this” while NATO was incorporating new members. In 2014 and 2015 he signed the Minsk Agreements. In March 2022, he agreed in Istanbul with the representatives of Ukraine to end the OMV Special Military Operation. To demonstrate its goodwill, in 2022 Russia withdrew the army from Kiev. Just signed the agreement, Boris Johnson convinced Zelenski to resume the war. “They will have to correct this grave error. We are prepared to negotiate. [OMV] was the step towards ending the war.”

4th. “We have no intention of invading. It’s a message to scare people.” “What do we win? We have no interest. We have enough land and few people. The world war that would endanger the entire planet makes no sense. Only if we are attacked will we be attacked. By opening up fear, they will more easily accept allocating large amounts of money to buy arms for Ukraine. To the detriment of social benefits, of course.”

5. “Ukraine is an artificial state. It’s a civil war.” Putin dedicated his first half long hour to explaining the history of Russia and explained that Ukraine and Russia have historically been united. He then added, “The name of Ukraine comes from the motto ‘or Krai’ and means in Russian people near the border. It did not represent people of different ethnicities or cultures. The first image of a state was given by Stalin when he was given the status of Soviet republic. Meanwhile, it was just another part of Russia.” Putin regards this confrontation as a civil war. And it ensures the recovery of your relationships, even if it's a long process.

6. “The Ukrainians signed with us the legal ban on Nazism.” The time around Nazism was long. Because II. On several occasions he explained how they suffered greatly during the World War with Nazi barbarism. Putin stressed that there is a problem in Ukraine that does not exist anywhere else. In every country there are people with that ideology, but nowhere is it good. In Ukraine it is not only admitted, it is at the highest level and has as national heroes thousands of war crimes committed by Steppes Flag and Román Shujevich. They also build monuments and use Nazi symbols everywhere. The tribute to Yarsolav Hunka, a 98-year-old Nazis in the Canadian Parliament in September 2023, is unacceptable. He was a great collaborator of Hitler and says that to applaud a man who killed Jews, Poles and Russians is not acceptable. “Hitler died, but his ideology is very vivid in Ukraine. The 2022 Istanbul Convention to End the War contains a legal ban on Nazism in Ukraine.”

7. “The economic benefit comes from BRICS.” Putin’s contents on the global economic situation were as follows: in recent years, the economic indices of the group [which groups together the richest capitalist states] G7 are now falling and concentrating 30% of the world’s GDP, which a few years ago was 42%. The BRICS community, 40 percent ago, a few years ago was 16 percent. The fall of the G7 and the rise of BRICS will continue. The dollar and the euro are losing strength and thus the western economy. The leaders of BRICS are China and Russia, the first is the biggest economic power in the world and Russia is Europe. G7 and BRICS should act in the same direction, like the two parts of the brain in the head, but they're not, and that's why the world has a serious illness. “In the West they send the economic elites and oppose what the time demands. Politicians need expert advice to take appropriate action.”

8. “The sanctions imposed by the United States are illegitimate according to the UN.” In this section he develops concepts such as the dollar as a weapon and is a serious defect. Pressure is constant around the world and concern has spread everywhere. Economic sanctions are illegitimate under the United Nations Charter. It's a nonsense because they also harm themselves. “International policy standards should be set by the UN.”

9. “We have the best intercontinental supersonic missiles.” To avoid problems with nuclear weapons, Putin proposed to President Bush to organize a missile protection system together. They also denied him that proposal that would eliminate nuclear risk in the world. As a result: “We create intercontinental supersonic missiles and are now ahead of all.”

10. “A Nord Stream 2 tube is good, but Germany does not want to open it.” So Putin sends him back that gas can start tomorrow to Western Europe. In addition to this Nord Stream pipeline, another route through Poland and two others through Ukraine. So what is the point of refusal to buy the cheapest and best gas? “German people are very incompetent. They are now buying gas three times more expensive.”

11. “You are pragmatic, we attach great importance to ethical and moral values.” Putin means that in the West we look more at money using the word Pragmatic. And in Russia, culture, art, religion -- and the non-economic values around them are very important. “We look alike, but our mindset is different.” Only with these two different forms of life in mind will we understand the opposing positions of both sides in the war in Ukraine.

Juan Mari Beloki Kortexarena

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