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Press Argia Prize: the Sahara. A people in resistance

  • The Sahara. A people in resistance receives the press prize of 2024.La author of the book, Kristina Berasain Tristan, has received the prize for his effort to convey to the citizens repression and enthusiasm for his resistance against the Sahrawi.
Kristina Berasain Tristan. Dani Blanco / ARGIA CC BY-SA

26 January 2024 - 15:09
Last updated: 20:52

That is why he has awarded the Sahara. A people in the resistance book ARGIA:

"This journalist decides to fulfill his dream and gets it. For two decades he has written about the struggle of a forgotten and silenced people at an international level and has recently shaped a chronicle and published the book. The journalist himself has as great treasures the testimonies, hard and hard testimonies, narrated by citizens living in occupied, liberated and refugee lands. He is one of the few journalists who has been able to work in the three camps.

'Through the life of a single person you can write the story of an entire people', a phrase that we have read to those who will receive the prize. In this work he reports the repression against a people that has been betrayed over and over again, from half a century until today.

To bring the fight for the liberation of Western Sahara to the forefront. Cristina Berasain has been awarded for her effort to convey the repression and the push to the Saharawi resistance by giving voice to the citizens".


Cristina Berasain has, among other things, thanked ARGIA for its chronicle book "forgotten peoples": "There are many forgotten peoples and conflicts in the world." Here your words:

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