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Microbiology II: weaponry, society, wars

27 May 2024 - 06:53
Last updated: 2024-05-29 13:33:47

When we read in ARGIA the article "Children, Police, Micronutrients", we felt very identified with what the vitorians are living in the antimilitarist group in relation to social militarization. Recently, from different local groups and platforms, we have been asked for data on the involvement of local companies in the military industry: To denounce its complicity with Israel, the massacre in Ukraine, the barbaries of Yemen or other wars. Convinced that Basque society has understood that these wars are beginning here, in the Basque companies that produce for the military sphere, we have begun with enthusiasm to update the list of companies involved in the death industry, which some ten years ago. And our hearts start to accelerate.

The first occurred when he met an Alavesa company which, despite producing only an industrial tool, has a four-page catalogue detailing the material it supplies to the European and global armed forces. Among the customers, the company proudly notes NATO itself. But terror soon happened to us, thinking that in this world there are frikis for everything.

The first was an Alavesa company with a four-page catalogue detailing the material it supplies to the European and global armed forces.

We thought it was going to cost us to find new companies involved in military production, because many companies hide this production under the name of a programme, not to say military. But gradually, the heart attack increased with the discovery of new companies. These companies did not hide their production in the context of their “defense”, but also showed it on their websites in detail. And it wasn't one or two, it was dozens. It seems that among Basque businessmen the Basque label of war has become fashionable.

European aid for military production is aimed at research into military applications for civil inventions. So we started doing quiet research into the activities of universities, because we knew that the young people who are studying in these universities are very organized against war, and that they would not stop developing military programs, scholarships and projects in those centers. Our hearts were turned to 140. The involvement of universities (public and private) in military production has increased exponentially in the last fifteen years. All participate in projects and/or spin offs and in some cases the rector himself is one of the main drivers.

Research is generally based on public subsidies. To prevent this from happening with military production, a law was passed in 2007 in which the Basque Government undertook not to do so. This commitment has recently been ratified, so it was to be hoped that no military production company could receive public aid. We raise tension again. In addition to receiving more and more, the Basque Government itself is a shareholder of some of them.

What has changed to show with pride now those who previously concealed their relationship with military production? At the moment we have no answer. Do you help us find ourselves?

From the financial world, what to say. Their involvement grows at the same rate as the growing benefits. Suffice it to say that we are finding the participation of some of the main pension funds of the CAPV. These issues do not surprise us, but they do dare us.

As we try to recover our heart rate under cold sweat, we wonder: How is it possible that almost tripled the number of Basque companies involved in military production in ten years? What has changed to show with pride now those who previously concealed their relationship with military production? Has Basque society stopped rejecting militarism, wars, military services and military alliances? Why? Are we really against wars? Is the pain caused by the image of the destructions they cause not enough to question our implications? At the moment we have no answer. Do you help us find ourselves?

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