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The Corsica Assembly should agree on 4 July on the range of self-government it will propose to France.

  • On 4 July the island Assembly will hold a special session on the sovereignty of Corsica. In the meantime, the various nationalist parties are trying to reach agreement on what needs to be called for.
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22 June 2023 - 11:42

Gilles Simeoni, President of the Government of Corsica, announced the holding of a special on the sovereignty of Corsica. This session will be held by the island assembly on 4 July. It will be of great importance because they would then have to decide what kind of self-government to ask of the French Government.

There are disagreements about this institutional recognition: on the one hand, a proposal based on the report Towards a Statute of Autonomy for the Corsica, which as the title says would mean autonomy; and on the other hand, a proposal of knowledge of that institution, to remain within the French State. There may be more proposals if no agreement is reached between nationalists.

Since nationalists have a majority in the assembly, they are sure to channel the demand for autonomy. Pulling away from what can be read in the report, it may be required that the legislative self-government be marked in the Constitution, which, to a greater or lesser extent, would bring Kanaky’s current level of autonomy.

Differences between nationalists

Although Paris keeps the door open for dialogue, the red line is marked: yes or yes, Corsica is within the French Republic. Autonomy would therefore be the only possibility of achieving more sovereignty. Corsicans have discrepancies about the level of autonomy and the union between nationalists is in doubt. Let us suppose that the independentist Core in Frente and the PNC National Party in Corsica have accused Simeon of a lack of agreement and concreteness to the president of the government of Corsica. Despite regretting the poor collective vision, Simeoni states that his objective is "primarily to achieve the widest Abertzale consensus".

French President Emmanuel Macron and Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin met on 12 June to talk about Corsica, five days after Darmanin’s fourth meeting with the island’s elected officials.

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