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A person from Idiazabal is evicted by the Ertzaintza

  • The Housing Union and the Socialist Council denounce the eviction of a person in the Arimasagasti district of Idiazabal. Two families were evicted in Vitoria yesterday.

12 September 2023 - 09:03
Last updated: 16:21

The Basque Housing Union and the Socialist Council of Goierri had been announcing the eviction of Idiazabal for days. Today, the Ertzaintza has evicted a person and had to take her to the medical center.

The Council and the Union explain that eviction did not have housing alternatives. Thus, several people have protested the morning dismissal in front of the house and have met with the city council of Idiazabal to ask the city council to leave the emergency house. The City Hall refuses to offer an "empty house". The Council denounces that if the eviction is not to remain on the streets it will not be 'thanks to the institutions'.

Yesterday, two families in Vitoria

Two families who lived in downtown Vitoria, victims of fraud by a criminal gang, made themselves known by the same sources. They lived without light, census and contract.

Dozens of people gathered in the lobby of No. 4 of Prado Street to show their solidarity with the evicted.

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