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Haritu and Jaki Toki denounce the eviction of a family in Pamplona

  • The owners of other houses they have searched have not wanted to rent a house because it is a large family, a unique salary and of foreign origin.

21 February 2024 - 11:15
Last updated: 12:24
Haritu Elkarlaguntza Sareak eta Jaki Tokik egindako agerraldia salatzeko familia bat kaleratuko dutela / Argazkia: Haritu

After two years of eviction, Haritu Elkarlaguntza Sarea and Jaki Toki report the launch of a family in the Chantrea neighbourhood of Malaga: “After eleven years, a family worker from Pamplona will be expelled without any alternative housing”.

They add that the owners of the apartments they have searched for in these two years have not wanted to rent a house to the family that will be evicted: “They don’t want to rent a home because it is a large family, a unique and foreign salary.”

The family advances with a single salary of 1500 euros. However, the Pamplona Municipal Housing Office offers a single hotel room for six family members: “It is for an indefinite time, without cooking and without the possibility of continuing normal schooling”.

They have also denounced that in the last decade housing rental has increased five times more than wages. As a result, many working families are in a “severe” situation of exclusion. They also denounce the "inability" to access "dignified" housing: “Many end up grouped in floors and rooms, subletting rooms or in accommodations without the possibility of cooking heat.”

Not an isolated case

The family living in chantrea is not the only one to be evicted. According to the members of the Haritu and Jaki collectives, the cases of families facing eviction have increased in recent months. For example, in April a new family with four children will be expelled from the Pamplona neighbourhood of Arrosadía.

Therefore, they stress that the “centrality” of private property and the lack of collective housing guarantees generate “inequality”: “Housing cannot respond to the logic of profitability”.

Finally, they call for the “integral remodeling” of the forms of access to housing, the “dignified” alternative of family housing in a situation of eviction and the paralysis of all evictions.

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