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Death of writer Gorka Setien

  • The poet Hernaniarra Gorka Setien Berakoetxea died on the night of 4 to 5 February. He wrote five books, it was the voice of free radios and he knew how to listen and care softly. In 2019 he published his most recent book of poems, Naufragoen altzoa, in self-publishing.

06 February 2024 - 06:06
Last updated: 12:38
Argazkia: Hernaniko Kronika.

The blog Arritmia eta ertzean is presented as follows: "Born in 1958 of a kidnapped uterus of a migratory Basque woman (Engraxi Berakoetxea). I've had different trades after I've experienced catcholic patriarchal violence." He was admitted to the Venezuelan city of Barcelona.

This short video of the poetic reading he made at Hernani in 2013 clearly explains his vision of the world and life. Or! Gender activities edited by the editorial. In the presentation of the book The subjects of feminism:

Poetic trajectory

He wrote poetry from a very young age and won several awards (Lauaxeta twice and Ateneo de San Sebastián). At that time he collaborated in the journal Caballo canalla a la calle and in the literary magazines Susa and Korrok.

In the 1980s he published two books with the editorial Susa: In 1983 no... Sigrid? In collaboration with Ramón Agirre, Maripi Solbes and Eneko Olasagasti and in 1985 the collection of poems Ez sinsincronia.

After 20 years of interruption he published the Felizidadía del Parking (2006), with the help of the Paperzaleak Association, and since then he addressed the path of self-publishing: In 2008 he published Ertzetako inkomunikazio, performed a poetry recital in the gaztetxe of Andoain and since then performed various essays.

In 2011 he opened an exhibition in Hernani with his own images and texts entitled Erre produkzioak (here collected by Hitzen Ubure). That same year he collaborated with four other writers in the book Edipotoa, published by Nagore Legarreta with stenopeic photographs (Banizu nizimd).

He also put the lyrics of the songs for the music groups Inor ero ni and MMA.

In 2019 he published his latest book in self-publishing: The ally of shipwrecks.

Here you can read his works collected by the bridge of literature.

Here's a Edipot presentation:


Gorka Setien thanked "his collaboration from the start" and announced that on 6 February will be until 10:30 in the Tanatorio de Orbegozo the possibility of saying goodbye, at 11:00 the incineration will take place in the Chickens and in two weeks' time a civil farewell will be made.

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