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150 bodybuilders ask to be allowed to participate in the txosnas of Bilbao and Vitoria

  • “Above ideological discrepancies”, understanding that the popular festivities must be a common space, some 150 artists have denounced and claimed the veto solution in the txosnas of the SGG and the Housing Union in Vitoria and the Comparsa Luberri in Bilbao. Intervenes Itziar Ituño, Joseba Sarrionandia, Mireia Gabilondo, Amets Arzallus and Fermin Muguruza.

28 May 2024 - 12:00
Last updated: 2024-05-30 08:25:46

The signatories express in an open letter “to concern” the agents mentioned in the comparsas of Bilbao and in the Commission of Txosnas of Vitoria-Gasteiz for the prohibitions imposed on them”, adding that they are made “incomprehensible”: “Each with its character and its demands should be a space to enjoy and celebrate the festivities, with mutual tolerance”.

Before, last March, in the festivities of Vitoria and Bilbao, some 100 agents of the Basque Country published a statement denouncing the veto of the Socialist Movement.

The agents themselves have already denounced the situation. “This political veto violates the principles of the Bilbao Comparsas, which have characterised political pluralism from the outset. Leaving aside agents with exclusionary bases (clasists, machists, fascists, racists, LGTBfobos…), the Comparsas de Bilbao have for many years been a space between different social and political groups. With this decision, however, they have broken the basis of plurality,” said Luberri Konpartsa, months ago.

Solution bridge

In the popular festivities of Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz, the comparsas Luberri, GKS and Housing Union “are willing to participate in a festive and cultural environment under conditions of equality and non-discrimination”, to do what “is in their hands”. They call for “open paths” to resolve the situation, “to overcome the veto that can only be a senseless conflict.”

The communiqué and the letter can be read in full here.

Behind the known names

Among the signatories are Fermin Muguruza, Itziar Ituño, Natxo de Felipe, Joseba Sarrionandia, Bernardo Atxaga, Leire Bilbao, Amets Arzallus, Mireia Gabilondo, Jone Laspiur, Karra Elejalde, Ainhoa Larina.

The full list of signatories is as follows:


Mayor of San

Juan Mari Erramaga The Mayor of



Sara Zozaya
Sei Sega Silitia

Silvia Gallastegi Skabidea Streetwise Sudo Tatta Tatxers Trikoma Tronis

Txerra Bolinaga
Txomin Uribe

(Alimañas) Txopet


Ainhoa Larrañaga
Ander Lipus
Antton Telleria
Fernando Bernués
Gorka Aginagalde
Itziar Ituño
Jone Laspiur
Karra Elejalde
Mikel Laskurain
Mireia Gabilondo

Miren Arrieta Miren Nogales
Patxi Bisquert

Aitor Bizkarra
Aitor Mendiluze
Amets Arzallus
Aroa Arrizubieta
Eneko Abasolo "Abarkas"
Gorka Pagonabarraga
Iñaki Murua
Josu Sanjurjo
Julio Soto
Justo Alberdi
Cristina Mardaras


Bernardo Atxaga
Hedoi Etxarte
Iñaki Irazu
Joseba Sarrionandia
Kepa Altonaga
Kepa Larrea
Leire Bilbao
Luigi Anselmi
Pako Aristi

Ana Galarraga
Asun Garikano
Cesar Manzanos
Elene López Agirre
Ernesto Murillo "Simonides"
Felix Alangoa
Jon de Grindin
Ka Narbona
Patxi G. Vinanaz "Poio"
Pedro Espinosa
Santi Antero "Txan Magoa"

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