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Frankfurt sausages double in Germany to “cope” with the climate emergency

  • Penny is the supermarket, one of the largest in Germany, which has launched the experiment following an expert study. Prices have risen according to what may affect land, climate, water and health. Frakfurt sausages now cost twice as much.
Alemaniako Penny supermekatu katearen dendetako bat / Argazkia:

04 August 2023 - 07:30
Last updated: 13:23

The German supermarket Penny has been the excuse for the climate emergency to increase product prices. After an expert study, the product has increased prices depending on what can affect land, climate, water and health. For example, Frankfurt sausages cost EUR 3.19 to EUR 6.01.

According to researchers, current prices do not correspond to what products can actually affect the environment or affect health in the future. The campaign includes dairy and processed meats.

The Journal explains that it will allocate the extra money obtained to the Zukunftsbauer organization. The partnership seems to help small farmers. However, the supermarket chain has not given any explanation for the drop in prices.

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