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What about you? Want to do your job for free?

Argazkia: @adrianlbueno

What would every reader in this article say if he suddenly told him that a significant part of his work, in order to be able to continue working and stabilize one day, must do it for free? I don't think Eva Ferreira accepts it for her or anyone who can be near her. However, when we say to Mrs. Rectora and her team that at the University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea we are in a situation of precariousness we do not want to do our work as volunteers, we are angry and denied the reality.

That is, since June 2023, many university professors in transition went from having a salary at the return of 2000 euros to having incomes below 800 euros each night. The Steering Team of the UPV/EHU has decided to make a marginal reading of Article 80, established by the LOSU, so the research needed for university stability is not taken into account by researchers. It will have to be done in free time!

"We call on party candidates to stand publicly on this issue and to strive to ensure the dignity of public university staff"

This week we are engaged in the lehendakari election campaign, and the Basque Government has powers on its own to improve the salaries of those involved. By adapting the salaries in the economic table of Decree 41/2008 of 4 March, they can easily dignify the salaries of temporary staff. Outside in-person or supervised sessions, taking into account the preparation of class hours, corrections and the time required for training, research and administrative management indispensable for their preparation.

That is why we call on the candidates of the parties to take a public stand on this issue and to strive to guarantee the dignity of the staff of the public university of our country. We are ready to meet whenever they want.

Furthermore, the various governing groups and trade unions have been present for many years at the negotiating table and, at least, to date had an open space for discussion. We urge the Steering Team to make a reasonable reading of that article, with the necessary implementation of legitimate discussion forums. Aware that research at the University is fundamental for the preparation of classes and for the training of future professionals, we ask that, before the end of their term of office, they also take this into consideration and that the already precarious structure is not further preached.

Both lines have a simple solution. We only need political will. What is your model? A precarious model that fosters dignity or free work?

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