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The Foral Government of Navarra will carry out an act of recognition for victims of state violence

  • The act of recognition of victims of state and extreme right violence will be held in Baluarte on 30 May. This is the first public act of this kind to specific victims, to be developed under the 2019 Law.
2017ko omenaldiko une bat. (Argazkia: Nafarroako Gobernua)

A total of twelve victims will be recognized, including Mikel Zabascene and Mikel Arrangi. In 2017 the Foral Government held a similar act, but had to make a generic recognition, without citing concrete victims, for the obstacles imposed by the Spanish Constitutional Court.

According to the press release issued by the Government of Navarra, the act of recognition will be “from an integral perspective, without equivalence or dilution”. The event will be chaired by the Council of Memory and Coexistence and the First Vice-President, Ana Ollo, and will involve, among others, the thinker member of the Gogoa Forum, Guillermo Mugika.

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Lizartza honored the ‘Naparra’ and remembered 44 years after its disappearance
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2024-05-31 | ARGIA
The Government of Navarra recognizes for the first time the political victims of the police and the extreme right
On 30 May, an act of recognition and reparation was held in the Baluarte room in Pamplona for the first twelve victims of political motivation. The Government has announced its intention to hold the event each year.

Hondarribia City Hall recognises two deaths on the Asturian beach
They have also apologized to the families of victims for not receiving "sufficient" support in the past 50 years. As the poet has been recognized as a victim, the city council has called for Moriko to be so, and "in the short term."

The Government of Navarra recognizes the first twelve victims of the state or extreme right groups
The Government of Navarre has made the first twelve statements of victims of politically motivated acts by far-right groups and public officials. A further sixty dossiers are under consideration.

The Government of Navarra is approving 41 victims of state violence
On Wednesday, Martin Zabraise, chairman of the Committee on the Recognition and Reparation of Victims of Political Motivation, announced this process. On Thursday, the Egia Zor Foundation and the Association of Torturados de Navarra stated in their hearing in Pamplona that this... [+]

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