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Exhibition of the Duguna dance group in Pamplona on the occasion of the celebration of the 75th anniversary

  • Leaving behind the celebrations of Sansaturnino Day last November, the dance group Duguna de Pamplona will bring forward the events of the 75th anniversary in early March and April. In the following lines the group itself explains these celebrations.
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22 March 2024 - 11:07
Soka erakusketaren inaugurazioa 2017. urtean. Argazkia: Mikel Irure.

In fact, from 26 March to 14 April we will inaugurate an exhibition at the Condestable Palace in Pamplona that goes beyond Duguna’s path. On the occasion of the exhibition, during these three weeks we have organized various activities, most of which will be located in the Condestable Palace itself.


We have prepared an exhibition in four sections. The first chapter is located on the portal of the Kondestable Palace and focuses on the current activity of the dance group. In this same place you will see the audiovisual we have played interviewing dancers and musicians from different generations of the group. The remaining three bodies will be located in the courtyard of the palace. The first is the creation of the group. The second refers to the evolution of the group from different perspectives. The latter will focus on the different ways and locations of socializing the work of the group. The exhibition will consist mainly of illustrated information panels, but other physical materials will also be shown to help explain the trajectory of the group. The three photo screenings and a small exhibition of garments will round the exhibition. You will be able to see weekdays from 9:00 to 21:00 hours. Weekends at 9:00-14:00 and 17:00-21:00. Public holidays will be closed.

Recognition of the dantzari group Soka-dantza and Argia

The opening of the exhibition will take place on 26 March at 18:00. Through a simple soka-dantza we will remember the long 75-year-old soka-dantza of our dance group. Guests such as the Mayor of Pamplona and the dance teachers of the Argia dantzari group will participate. And that is that we wanted to take advantage of this act to show our gratitude to the group of dancers Argia. This year marks 20 years of direct collaboration between the two groups. But the shadow of the Light has been much longer in our country, and the work they have done over the past 60 years has influenced Duguna, even before. That is why we wish to give special recognition to Argia, Juan Antonio Urbeltz and Marian Arrangi, on behalf of all the other participants, by appointing them an honorary member of Duguna.

Visit of Juan Antonio Urbeltz and members of Argia on San Fermín Aldapa’s ezek of 2019. Photo: Iñaki Zugasti.


Prolific program with sample

We have organised different exposure support activities. There will be dance workshops, dance performances, conferences and concerts.

Saturday, April 6, 11:00 h. Dance workshop with Patxi Laborda: Amatxiren dantzak

Patxi Laborda explains what dance modalities were carried out a century ago in Pamplona and puts us, of course, in dance. The workshop will take place in the Gothic Hall of Condestable Palace and will have limited capacity. Respect the registration order. You can register by calling or writing to the phone 604123785

Monday, April 8, 11:00 h. Presentation of the coloring book 0.2 with Asisko Urmeneta

In 2010 we published the book "Coloreaga, to paint children", starring Navarros celebrations. Since then the fandango has gone a long way and we have felt the need to update the book. On the one hand, we have taken into account the dance habits of the entire Basque Country, in this case. On the other hand, in many villages, dance models without gender distinction have been chosen and this development has been witnessed in this new brochure illustrated by Asisko Urmeneta. The presentation will take place in the conference room of the Condestable Palace.


Cover of version 0.2 of the book Kolore eaga


Friday, April 12, 18:00 h. Talks

Within this general title we bring three people to talk about dance.

On the one hand, the dantzari Pamplona researcher Jesús Ramos presents us with 500 years of dance in Iruña. Iruña Dantza, with the talk entitled institutional and social function. Second, American dancer and choreographer Becky Siegel will offer a talk called Dance, Folklore, Sacred and Profane. Finally, the Eibarrés anthropologist Oier Araolaza, dancer and dancer, will put us to dance the Basque Country, with a practical talk about the body language of the Basques.

The conferences will take place in the conference room of the Condestable Palace.

Saturday, April 13, 10:00 h. Dance workshop. With Xristos Sidiropoulos, Greek dance teacher: Traditional Greek Dance Workshop I

Xristos Sidiripoulos brings us closer to the Greek dance molds. This workshop will consist of two parts, Saturday and Sunday, lasting about four hours a day. You can register by calling or writing to the phone 604123785

Saturday, April 13, 18:00 h. Toilet paper

What was the bertso melody or dance melody before? Dance melody or bertso melody? It is known that bertsolaris and dantzaris share many of the melodies we use for our activity. The same thing can dance or sing the zortziko. And so, if it's not played, we've wanted to put the Bertsolaris and the dancers together, one communicating with languages, the other with bodies. And as a complement to traditional melodies, a special band of copper. The dantzaris of Iurreta, Eibar and Duguna of Pamplona, the bertsos Oihana Iguaran and Subai Colina and the music Zazpiko Handia Brass Band along with the txistularis and gaiteros of both will dance. The event will take place in the Plaza de los Burgos.

Sunday, April 14, 10:00 h. Dance workshop. With Xristos Sidiropoulos, Greek dance teacher: Traditional Greek Dance Workshop II

Sunday, April 14, 19:00 h. Music concert. With Barrokensemble Vasco. Euskel Antiqva

The Basque Barrokensemble is a group that updates old music and qualifies it as excellent. In his work Euskel Antiqva, the strands between ancient music and popular music are intertwined, and the echoes of Basque music are peppered by the Arab, Jewish and Christian culture that has left its mark on us. It will be the first time you play in Pamplona! The action will take place in the patio of the Condestable Palace.

We would like to thank all those who have put the ball on the sand so that the exhibition and the programme of activities associated with it can be carried forward.

Exposition texts: Subai Colina and Aritz Ibañez

Panel Design: Iñaki Tristan

Documentary: Interviews: Oier Santamaria and Aritz Ibañez. Recording: Jon Benito and Iñaki Tristan. Screenplay: Aritz Ibañez. Installation: Jon Benito e Iñaki Tristan, Sound: Julen Leuza e Ibai Indart.

Photo projections: Luis Ardanaz

Arrate Domínguez, Susana Leone and Asier Catalan from Intro. Restauradora Leticia Esain. Beatriz Markotegi, director of the Municipal Archive of Pamplona, and Angel Macías, responsible for the management of the Condestable Palace.

Member of the anniversary team, Angel Arana, Mikel Irazoz, Ainara Ibañez, Xabier Garin, Mikel Irure, Iñaki Dominguez and Unai Martiartu.

And of course, all those who are going to participate in all ateliers, conferences, performances and concerts!

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