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Luberri Konpartsa denounces that the Bilbao Comparsas have banned their participation

  • Luberri Konpartsa denounces that because of his relationship with the Socialist Movement he has been banned from the participation of the Federation of Comparsas of Bilbao and has called him to "rethink the decision". The Left Abertzale has been identified as "politically responsible" for the ban imposed.

15 December 2023 - 13:28

La Comparsa Luberri has made known the agreements adopted during the last weeks in the Motor Party Commission of Aste Nagusia and in the coordinator of all the comparisons, by means of a note disseminated on social networks. They denounce the ban on entry to Luberri by the Federation of Comparsas of Bilbao, for “the active participation of the Socialist Movement in it”. The Left Abertzale has been identified as “politically responsible” and charged with carrying out a “defamation campaign” against them since the founding of Luberri, as well as “conditioning internal decisions” of the comparsas.

Almost a year has passed since Luberri applied to join the Federation of Comparsas in Bilbao. Thus, the May comparison coordinator discusses Luberri's entry, as indicated in the note: “The majority expressed a favourable view of Luberri’s entry. In view of this, Left Abertzale blocked the debate by arguing that the decision should be taken by consensus rather than by majority”. They therefore agreed to postpone the decision and launch a “partnership” with Luberri. Since then, the members of the Comparsa Luberri have pointed out that they have been participating in the programs of the Comparsas de Bilbao, making shifts and strengthening contact with different comparsas, “complying with everything requested”.

Faced with the situation, Left Abertzale has denounced the "strengthening of the defamation campaign" against them, "changing" the votes in favour and "putting pressure" on the comparisons in favour of Luberri's entry. Thus, in the vote on the final decision the refusal prevailed.

Right to participate on equal terms

Faced with this ban, Luberri states that he will continue to defend the right to participate on equal terms with the other comparisons: “Luberri meets all the statutory criteria of the Bilbao Comparsas and we wish to denounce that at the time of the decision they were not based on the assessment of the partnership relationship initiated in May.” On the other hand, they have refuted the “aggressive character” that has been accused of Luberri, setting as an example “the collaboration with comparsas, assemblies and adolescents of Bilbao”.

In this situation, Luberri has thanked the comparison and the individuals who have been “against the ban” in recent days and have ratified their “willingness” to cooperate. It therefore calls on the Bilbao Comparsas Federation to “reconsider” its decision: “From Luberri we encourage you to continue working to help lift this political veto: The diversity and the participatory character of the Comparsas and Aste Nagusia of Bilbao are at stake.”

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