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The treatment of two indigenous people on an Argentine television awakens the anger

  • Cantuta Killa and Wari Rimachi, two indigenous from the Ayllu Mayu Wasi community, laughed in the Bien tomorrow program. The aggression has caused many complaints and the programme has had to apologize.

01 September 2023 - 06:58
Last updated: 13:52

The journalist of the Bien of tomorrow laughed his mother tongue when speaking with the indigenous Kantuta Killa and Wari Rimachi. Ayllu Mayu are two well-known members of the Wasi community. The program presenter, Fabian Doman, has read in the Eltrece channel a statement of apologies indicating that among the interviewees in the program “two people felt bad” and that the “objective of dialogue” was not that, but without blaming.

The journalist interviewed the couple with several scenes. Discriminatory treatment has brought complaints from all over the country. The Faculty of Journalists and Social Communication of the National University of La Plata has denounced the racism of the program and has pointed out that the media must “treat indigenous peoples and their languages with respect”.

The National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism and the Ararteko of the Public have published a statement following the press conference that the affected party has made. They denounce that forgiveness is not "enough".

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