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Trade unions report the latest fatal occupational accidents in Argedas and Burlada

  • LAB, ESK, STEILAS, EHNE, HIRU, and CGT meet at the Palacio de Navarra to report the latest fatal accidents. They report that the worker who died on Sunday in Argedas in a traffic accident moved to work. With this, there are already 22 deaths in occupational accidents this year.
Artikulu hau egilearen baimenari esker ekarri dugu.

24 May 2023 - 07:50

On 12 May, a construction worker suffered a serious accident at the industrial estate of Iturriondo in Burlada. After several days in the ICU, he lost his life last Thursday, May 18. On the other hand, they report that last Sunday he died in the accident suffered in Argedas by another worker who was going to work. The unions have shown their solidarity with all their relatives, colleagues and colleagues.

"In the Foral Community until April there were no fatal occupational accidents, but in the last month and a half there were five. This shows that job security cannot be random and that precariousness endangers workers' lives at all times," they said.

For all these reasons, the trade unions have pointed out to the Government of Navarre and the employers that "it is time to put their lives above economic benefits", and for this they have demanded "that they take all necessary measures once and for all" to put an end to precariousness.

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Mutuals report that health has become a business
The unions LAB, CGT, STEILAS, ESK, CNT and LSB-USO, the Navarra Health Platform and the Public Health Platform have launched a social awareness and information campaign.

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