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De Miguel and his former colleagues Otxandiano enter Álava prison

  • Otxandiano enters Wednesday and De Miguel on Thursday morning. The 2nd section of the Provincial Court of Álava granted them a period of 72 hours to enter on their own in prison. They were condemned for their participation in the largest network of political corruption tried in Hego Euskal Herria.

06 July 2023 - 10:30
Last updated: 17:03
De Miguelen artxiboko argazki bat. Raul Bogajo - Foku

On Monday, Section 2 of the Álava Provincial Court granted Otxandiano and De Miguel a period of three days to voluntarily enter prison. If not, the judge stated that he would give arrest warrants to State security forces. Both have entered before the end of the deadline.

The Tribunal rejects all requests for pardon from both parties and says they have to serve the prison sentence “without delay”. However, not all those sentenced to prison for this case have entered prison: Aitor Telleria, another head of the corruption network, sentenced to five years, is not going to be imprisoned for health reasons.

The first to enter the prison of those convicted in the De Miguel lawsuit was Xabier Sánchez Robles. The former Director of Youth of the Basque Government entered prison on 17 May to serve a seven-year sentence. The second was the former leader of the PNV at the Board of Directors of Álava, Koldo Otxandiano, with seven years of conviction. Alfredo de Miguel, a former member of Araba Buru Batzar, has been sentenced for twelve years, but is not going to serve more than nine in prison.

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2023-05-30 | ARGIA
Judge ratifies De Miguel prison by not accepting his allegations
Alfredo de Miguel, convicted of corruption, has filed allegations to prevent prison, but the Provincial Court of Álava has not admitted them, claiming, among other reasons, that he was the leader of the plot and that there are no special reasons for not entering prison. De... [+]

Five convicted in the 'De Miguel' case are not in prison
The Provincial High Court of Álava has suspended the sanction of five people for having convictions under two years of age and no record. In the case of Ainhoa Bilbao and Iratxe Gaztelu-Urrutia, the court has taken the decision against the opinion of the Prosecutor’s Office.

The Hearing of Álava condemns Pleito Del Miguel to prison
Alfredo de Miguel, Koldo Otxandiano, Iñaki Telleria and Xabier Sánchez, former PNV leaders, have been sentenced to prison by the Provincial Court of Álava. It should also return EUR 146,230,80 to the Autonomous Communities.

2023-03-16 | ARGIA
The pensioners of the "De Miguel" case have a period of ten days to enter prison
The Provincial Court of Álava has received the official judgment of the Supreme Court. Former diners De Miguel and Koldo Otxandiano have continued to work in public positions so far, and Arantxa Tapia has announced that he will publish them.

De Miguel remains in office because the government has not received the judgment of the Supreme Court, according to Tapia
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