What is going on with the fight for Basque prisoners' rights?

This year, once more, thousands of people met in Bilbao to demand that Basque prisoners be brought to the Basque Country. At present, five years after ETA ended its armed struggle, there are 349 Basques in Spanish and French prisons. There are also hundreds of refugees and deportees who cannot return home. How can the knot be untied? We spoke with several people with close links to prison. They do not want to see the subject rot on the branch. 

Thousands rally in Basque town Altsasu to demand the freedom of the seven arrested youths

“We want justice, free the detainees” was 20,000 people's demand in Altsasu. The deafening silence was only broken by the sound of applause. The seven young people who were arrested as a result of the fight on the 15th of October have spent more than two weeks in Soto de la Real and Alcalá de Henares prisons, near Madrid, 400 kilometres from their homes in the Sakana valley. They are accused of crimes which could be punished with between ten and fifteen years in prison. We are going to try to put this in context.

Agreements without the major trade unions? Reasons behind the deadlock

The limited agreements which Confebask, CCOO and UGT have signed, with the support of the Basque Government, have increased tensions in the trade union world. Spanish reforms have opened the door to state-wide agreements, worsening working conditions and blocking collective bargaining. Apparently the agreements are designed to overcome that situation. But can anything be overcome leaving the major trade unions in the Basque Autonomous Community, ELA and LAB, to one side? In addition to precariousness, another concern has been added to labour relationships: a deficit in democracy.

A new tool for working for language rights is on its way

Around 200 social stakeholders in European minority language communities were asked: What measures do you think should be taken in order to ensure respect for language rights? They gave more than 400 different answers. Donostia 2016 European Capital of Culture and Kontseilua (the Basque Language in Society Institution) are the promoters of the Language Rights Protection Protocol. And they have done more than just writing the protocol on paper, wanting it to be a tool for the future. The stakeholders have suggested the protocol's characteristics and, from now on, they will be able to use it.

"Indifference kills languages, not languages' enemies"

Barcelona University's Carme Junyent gave a conference at the University of the Basque Country Humanities Faculty as part of the presentation of Oihaneder Euskararen Etxea's Hitz adina mintzo cycle. Before talking about the death of languages, Junyent underlined the quality of the cycle, praising the excellence of the experts speaking and inviting the members of the audience to take part in all the sessions.  

The incinerator debt: A bad deal for towns of Gipuzkoa

This autumn contract for the first phase of the Zubieta incinerator will be granted by the Gipuzkoa Residues Consortium. And this autumn several town councils will have access to the study drawn up by the Consortium. The project's costs, more than one thousand million Euros, and the demanding conditions set in terms of paying them, will turn the sustainable residue management which those councils have been using until present on its head. Are people prepared to leave a debt like that to their descendants?

Spain is going well and so is Euskadi

Spain is going well, the PP said during one of its famous campaigns under Aznar. PNV tells citizens time and again that Euskadi is going well, and the message has stuck in the head of 37% of voters. The idea which is the firm basis for PNV votes has caught many other voters with the "we're going well" idea over the last four years, from all the way from the PP to EH Bildu.

Euskal Herria ingelesez, etxetik nazioarteari kontatuta

Ez beldurtu, kurtso berriarekin ez dugu astekaria bi hizkuntzatan irakurtzen hasi beharko. Hilabete batzuk badira lehen artikulu, albiste eta erreportaje bakanak ingelesera itzultzen hasi zirela. Markak hautsi zituen Korrikari buruzko erreportajeak, auzolanean 40 hizkuntzatara itzulita. Helburua...

A jai alai player who breaks the mould

"Don't dream about life, live your dreams!” says the mural next to the Markina-Xemein pilota court. Jai alai player Izaro Arbe took part in the mural and she has certainly adopted the slogan: she was the only woman left-back in a men's world for many years, and had to win her own place on the pilota court.

A character hidden on stage

During the 17th century, an adolescent runs away from the Dominican convent in Donostia because it feels like a prison. Going to America, the adolescent fights for the king of Spain and oppresses the local people; spends decades shaking a sword around in the New World. No, it is not a man: it is a woman. But she is no longer Katalina Erauso: dressed as a man, she is Frantzisko Loiola, an adventurer from Donostia. A polemical, multifaceted personality, better known abroad than at home; but now there is a Pastoral about her.  After Baiona, it is now going to be performed in Donostia and in Donibane Garazi.

Basque journalist first punished under the controversial Spanish "Gag-law"

The Spanish government has punished a journalist for the first time using the controversial “gag law”. A Basque journalist working in ARGIA has been fined with 601 euros. According to the lawsuit the magazine has received from the Spanish government’s local office in Gipuzkoa, the Basque magazine’s journalist Axier Lopez published images of a police raid on Twitter "without permission". It’s the first sanction imposed to a Basque journalist using the "gag law" in such a context.

Northern Basque Country closer to getting own institution

Pyrénées-Atlantiques prefect proposes creation of Basque association of municipalities in 2017 · Northern Basque councils to put proposal to vote in spring 2016.

Disobedience town by town

107 gastronomic clubs and bars belonging to the Independentist Left movement in the Basque Country are to be closed down by a sentence of the Spanish High Court. No one knows when and how such a police operation will commence but meanwhile resistance strategies are been worked out town by town. Many have argued that this sentence implies the biggest robbery of property committed against a political movement in Europe in decades.

Basque Country action camp to unite European anti-fracking movement

Campaigners rally as the fight against hydraulic fracturing heats up. Claire Fauset reports.

"Our red lines are to give up the fight for which we became engaged, as well as to repent and to become informers"

Mikel Albisu and Marixol Iparragirre, two of the spokespersons of the Collective of Basque Political Prisoners demanded to participate in the Humanitarian Conference in Support of Peace in The Basque Country celebrated in the National Assembly of Paris in June 11th. Permission was denied by French judges and therefore they were not allowed to participate in the conference but nevertheless ARGIA has had the opportunity to interview both of them by questionnaire.

Tens of thousands demand Basque people's right to decide own political future

Human chains formed in five Basque capitals, large scale ballot boxes built out of giant cloth sewn over the last year. Gure Esku Dago's mobilization insists Basque citizens must have key role in determining road towards new political status.

Pro-Basque coalition seeks wide left-wing deal to form new government in Navarre

Uxue Barkos set to become new Navarrese president if agreement is reached by Geroa Bai, EH Bildu, Podemos and Izquierda-Ezkerra. All four parties demand increased self-government for Navarre, further protection for the Basque language. Pro-Spanish UPN party could lose government after 16 years.

European Court of Human Rights condemns Spain for not investigating torture #aztnugal

The European Court of Human Rights has condemned Spain today, 5th May 2015, regarding the case of Patxi Arratibel, who denounced tortures after being arrested and held incommunicado in January 2011.

Hundreds of Basque journalists unite against Spanish Government's Gag Law

440 Basque journalists, photographers and professors have started the campaign "Against the Gag Law, Journalism is not a crime". Members of 80 medium have given their support to Iraitz Salegi, a journalist from the digital newspaper Topatu.info, who is facing a 18-month prison sentence. Salegi is charged with advocating terrorism, for actually informing about a political public meeting, for doing her job as a journalist.

Donostia 2016 European Capital of Culture: one step beyond for language diversity

The Summit on European Language Diversity is a project to be developed jointly by the Donostia/San Sebastián 2016 European Cultural Capital Foundation and Euskararen Gizarte Eragileen Kontseilua (the Council of Social Entities for the Basque Language, also known as “Kontseilua”).

"We call for the immediate release of Otegi, a man who took risks for peace and democracy"

24 world leaders endorse declaration highlighting role of jailed Basque leader in bringing peace to the Basque Country · Text demands the end of Spain's dispersal policy of Basque prisoners · List of endorsers includes former presidents, Nobel Peace Prize winners

Euskal Herria Bai growth highlights role of stateless nations in French departmental election

Basque pro-autonomy candidates get 16% of the votes in the Northern Basque Country, make it into the second round in 5 constituencies · MBP, UDB to seek victory in five Breton cantons · Femu a Corsica expects to secure three seats · Catalan Unity candidate leads vote in Northern Catalan canton

Marching and planting trees against waste incineration in the Basque Country

On Sunday March 1, people marched and planted tree seed balls in Gipuzkoa (Basque Country) against the incinerator project and on behalf of Climatic Justice and Circular Economy.

Ibarretxe demands support for the verifiers

The Lehendakari (Basque Autonomous Community President) Juan Jose Ibarretxe (Lehendakari from 1999 to 2009) has protagonized a new event for Sare, the network for the rights of the prisoners. The act took place in Hondarribia, in the act he formulated a proposal for the resolution of the conflict that included the consequences as well as the causes. To advance towards disarmament he sees as necessary support for the verifiers.

French court repeals official status for Basque in Uztaritze municipality

Basque language had been declared official alongside French in June 2014 · Court says "serious doubt on the legality of the decision exists" · Municipality says linguistic normalization plans to go ahead despite ruling

Operation against Basque lawyers and prisoner solidarity

On the morning of the 12th January Guardia Civil officers arrested 16 people (12 Basque Lawyers and 4 individuals allegedly linked with Herrira). Police searched several premises, including the offices of Basque Trade Union LAB in Bilbao.

Crowded streets in Bilbao with a silent cry: Repatriation of Basque Political prisoners now

The City of Bilbao was becoming crowded by people arriving from all over the Basque Country as the day went on. By noon it was impossible to walk around the city centre. The main streets surrounding the meeting points from which the demonstration was going to start at 17:00 hours were getting packed as this time got closer. “Sare” (meaning literally “Network” in Basque, a citizen network struggling for the rights of Basque political prisoners) was in the way of achieving the objective of the day. This article is a chronicle of that demonstration.

Competitiveness or democratization, which of both is the objective?

From now on the concept of participation will be mentioned by all the different actors of an enterprise, starting from the corporate to the employee, from politicians to economic experts. For this debate we have chosen three projects which are examples or real participation: “The Group Mondragon”, “The Group Ner” and the newly created “Olatukoop” working under the umbrella of socio-economic transformation. The size of these enterprises varies from one to the other, in some cases the property belongs to the workers while in others to the corporate. Some of them have a short time of existence while others have combined growth and crises over the years. Based on their experience they have analyzed the key aspects for real participation and the opportunities that this offers for deep transformation within the economy, the enterprise and the relations. Furthermore they have help us to interpret this general discourse, so fashionable now a days, by put in it into a context and analyzing its hidden messages.

Scotland: a big push for Basque sovereignty supporters

Despite the referendum result, Basque nationalists still see Scotland as an inspiration for their own national struggle for self-determination.

Decisive days for the privatization of Basque public Savings Banks

Today, 30th of June 2014 a decisive step will be taken in order to transform the status of the Basque public bank “Kutxabank” into a private one. Kutxabank was created from the merger of the Savings banks of the Basque Autonomous Community. In two different conventions that will be celebrated today in the cities of Gasteiz and Bilbao, the representatives of the Savings Bank of Vital Kutxa (the savings bank of the province of Alava) and the Savings bank of Bilbao-Bizkaia (the savings bank of the province of Biscay) will accept the proposal to convert Kutxabank in a foundation.

2016-07-19  |  English

What is the Basque Country?

Who are the Basques? Where did they come from? Vagabrothers go on a journey to find out. They are Alex and Marko Ayling, brothers and vagabonds on a mission to explore the world through the people they meet.

2016-05-09  |  English

Basque - A Language of Mystery

This video is all about the mysteries of Euskara, the Basque language of the Basque people in Europe. 

2016-03-16  |  English

Wonders Of Basque Country

"After few months of filming and editing, our director, Jeremy Hugues, made a clip about the Basque country. The Basque Country it's really a special place, a lot of cultures are mixed. A part is located in France another in Spain and it regroups 7 provinces which are all different...

2015-12-18  |  English

Justice for Mikel

Interview with Nigel Rodley, law professor at Essex University (England).

2015-06-25  |  English

Zero Waste in Gipuzkoa

The province of Gipuzkoa, in Spanish Basque Country, has managed to almost double their recycling rates in 4 years. In 2011 they struggled to meet EU targets and now they are above the 2020’s goals and intend to keep improving.

2015-06-08  |  English

Pamplona Running of the Bulls

The encierro or “bull run” of San Fermín is a yearly activity that takes place in July, during which hundreds of people run in front of bulls through a half mile stretch of narrow streets. Behind the festivities there's a dark side: cruelty, torture and killing in the...

2015-04-28  |  English

Navarre, the land of light

Timelapse made by Iñaki Tejerina. All scenes shot in Navarre. 00:00 – 00:18 – Etxauri 00:18 – 00:26 – Belagua 00:26 – 00:34 – Larra 00:34 – 00:42 – Urederra 00:42 – 00:50 – Belagua 00:50 – 01:02 – Erreniega (El...

2015-04-15  |  English

Basque language recovery: Standardization

We have brought together the accounts of major participants in the process of Basque standardization who describe the motivations, obstacles and triumphs in this fascinating story.

2015-03-25  |  English

Free Otegi

2015-03-11  |  English

Basque language recovery: Education

The survival of a language depends crucially on the development by its speakers of their own educational project. Any linguistic community, if that's their will, should be able to carry out such a task. Every nation should decide which way to follow and how to go about it. This documentary (18...

2015-03-04  |  English

Basque language recovery: The press and media

This documentary reflects on the mission of the media in the revitalization of languages. It shows the progress made in the Basque Country in the development of mass media in Basque. Coordinated by Alberto Barandiaran, it is part of the collection currently being published by the association...

2015-02-26  |  English

The Basque experience

In this film you will meet a family who failed in the transmission of the language, and then a person who rejected the language after a very difficult personal situation. We will also analyze the work carried out in those last 40 years on our way to recovery. To do so, we have had the help of...

2015-02-16  |  English

Cesar Bona: "We have to encourage children to be an active part of society"

Among more than 5,000 competitors from 127 different countries, César Bona has been one of the 50 finalists for the prestigious Global Teacher Prize.

2015-02-10  |  English

Opening doors

Kick in the door, raid houses, police charges, street violence, are some of the stereotypes that popular imagery associated with squatter movement. Beyond the surface of these prejudices however, a complex reality of wealth that brings us back to ideologies and life choices we thought cornered by...

2015-02-05  |  English

Arkaitz Bellon, the case of the last dead Basque prisoner

In February 2014, Basque prisoner Arkaitz Bellon was found dead in his cell in southern Spain. Bellon had been convicted of street violence during a protest. He was 22. Labelled by the courts as an ETA sympathiser, he was sentenced to 13 years in jail. By Olivia Dehez.

2015-01-24  |  English

The mystery of the Basques

The ancient Basque culture has survived against the odds. We tour the region to see what's being done to preserve its unique identity

2015-01-23  |  English

The mystery of the Basque Language

The mystery of the Basque language: discover everything you ever wanted to know about this ancient language, one of the oldest in the world.

2015-01-22  |  English

Aske Gunea, disobedience in pure state

Documentary on Basque human wall's civil disobedient peaceful movement. People form human walls to defend other people that the police want to arrest because of their political activism. Subtitles in German and English.

2014-07-28  |  English

The fight for the Basque

More than fifty years of an armed struggle for independence from Spain might be coming to an end in the Basque Country. Al Jazeera looks at what the future holds for this region. Read the story: http://aje.me/fightforbasque

2012-10-19  |  English

Euskaldunen lurraldean - The land of the Basques

Orson Welles zinemagile estatubatuarrak Euskal Herrian filmatutako dokumentala. 1955ean BBC kate britainiarrak Wellesi eskatu zion nolabaiteko bidai dokumental sorta bat egin zezan, Around the World with Orson Welles (Munduan zehar Orson Wellesekin) deiturikoa. Bideo sorta honen parte da Ziburun...
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