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2017-03-21 | Xabier Letona

We will examine EAJ and PSOE's proposals for reforming the Citizen's Security Law – the Muzzle Law – in the following lines. As well as the the initiative against it taken by the Eleak-Libre organization.

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2016-12-01 | Lander Arbelaitz
Thousands rally in Basque town Altsasu to demand the freedom of the seven arrested youths

“We want justice, free the detainees” was 20,000 people's demand in Altsasu. The deafening silence was only broken by the sound of applause. The seven young people who were arrested as a result of the fight on the 15th of October have spent more than two weeks in Soto de la Real and Alcalá de Henares prisons, near Madrid, 400 kilometres from their homes in the Sakana valley. They are accused of crimes which could be punished with between ten and fifteen years in prison... [+]

Agreements without the major trade unions? Reasons behind the deadlock

The limited agreements which Confebask, CCOO and UGT have signed, with the support of the Basque Government, have increased tensions in the trade union world. Spanish reforms have opened the door to state-wide agreements, worsening working conditions and blocking collective bargaining. Apparently the agreements are designed to overcome that situation. But can anything be overcome leaving the major trade unions in the Basque Autonomous Community, ELA and LAB, to one side? In addition to... [+]

A new tool for working for language rights is on its way

Around 200 social stakeholders in European minority language communities were asked: What measures do you think should be taken in order to ensure respect for language rights? They gave more than 400 different answers. Donostia 2016 European Capital of Culture and Kontseilua (the Basque Language in Society Institution) are the promoters of the Language Rights Protection Protocol. And they have done more than just writing the protocol on paper, wanting it to be a tool for the future. The... [+]

"Indifference kills languages, not languages' enemies"

Barcelona University's Carme Junyent gave a conference at the University of the Basque Country Humanities Faculty as part of the presentation of Oihaneder Euskararen Etxea's Hitz adina mintzo cycle. Before talking about the death of languages, Junyent underlined the quality of the cycle, praising the excellence of the experts speaking and inviting the members of the audience to take part in all the sessions.


The incinerator debt: A bad deal for towns of Gipuzkoa

This autumn contract for the first phase of the Zubieta incinerator will be granted by the Gipuzkoa Residues Consortium. And this autumn several town councils will have access to the study drawn up by the Consortium. The project's costs, more than one thousand million Euros, and the demanding conditions set in terms of paying them, will turn the sustainable residue management which those councils have been using until present on its head. Are people prepared to leave a debt like that to... [+]

2016-09-27 | Xabier Letona
Spain is going well and so is Euskadi

Spain is going well, the PP said during one of its famous campaigns under Aznar. PNV tells citizens time and again that Euskadi is going well, and the message has stuck in the head of 37% of voters. The idea which is the firm basis for PNV votes has caught many other voters with the "we're going well" idea over the last four years, from all the way from the PP to EH Bildu.

Euskal Herria ingelesez, etxetik nazioarteari kontatuta

Ez beldurtu, kurtso berriarekin ez dugu astekaria bi hizkuntzatan irakurtzen hasi beharko. Hilabete batzuk badira lehen artikulu, albiste eta erreportaje bakanak ingelesera itzultzen hasi zirela. Markak hautsi zituen Korrikari buruzko erreportajeak, auzolanean 40 hizkuntzatara itzulita. Helburua garbia da, nazioarteari Euskal Herritik kontatzea gurean gertatzen direnak. Ezaguna baitzaigu hemengoari buruz kanpotik idaztea, informazio osorik gabe eta askotan interesak tarteko.

Orain arte... [+]

A jai alai player who breaks the mould

"Don't dream about life, live your dreams!” says the mural next to the Markina-Xemein pilota court. Jai alai player Izaro Arbe took part in the mural and she has certainly adopted the slogan: she was the only woman left-back in a men's world for many years, and had to win her own place on the pilota court.

A character hidden on stage

During the 17th century, an adolescent runs away from the Dominican convent in Donostia because it feels like a prison. Going to America, the adolescent fights for the king of Spain and oppresses the local people; spends decades shaking a sword around in the New World. No, it is not a man: it is a woman. But she is no longer Katalina Erauso: dressed as a man, she is Frantzisko Loiola, an adventurer from Donostia. A polemical, multifaceted personality, better known abroad than at home; but now... [+]

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