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Roke Mendez and Joxe Luis Mondragon, members of ETA, were gunned down in the Hondarribia moat

years ago

20 May 1974,

Roke Mendez and Joxe Luis Mondragon were killed in the ambush of Hondarribia. It was a century old in Santurtzi, by Mondragon. They set out on Hendaia's boat to carry out a supposed action. When they were near the beach of Asturiaga, dozens of policemen waiting for them started shooting.

Although Spanish newspapers like El Diario Vasco said that they had been killed during the confrontation, since the boat it was never proved that it shot to the ground, so the most credible is the theory of execution.

Burials were very conflicting. The civil guards of Arrasate prevented the family from seeing the body of Mondragon and Mendez, buried in occupied Santurtzi, was buried in Portugalete. It was the history of the Segada de Pasaia.


Emilio López de Adam, Armed Struggle in the Basque Country (1967-2011). First volume (1967-1980) (May).

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