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The news comes from Madrid

It already looked very little “Antifaxista”, so live “Antifascist”, in Madrid, in visor, in t-shirts. And antifaxism was seen as a kind of nostalgia (a visor, a t-shirt), as if it were possible. And now they flourish in the centre of Madrid and, therefore, and in the end, and above all in the middle of the media, not the anti-fascists who saw ghosts, but the ghosts themselves, all kinds of fascists. Where did they come from?

While in Ferraz, opposite the headquarters of the PSOE, Putakicón and Veteatupaís represent this pornographic show, in Madrid a quieter anniversary is celebrated. Murder of Carlos Palomino. A fascist who killed on the subway was facing a racist concentration. Because in the neighborhoods someone was dealing with such a demode fascism and paying for it in silence (see also the case of Alfon). When the problems were for the neighborhood migrants, nobody was upset in the tertulias. They have had to go to downtown Madrid and scare some of the corbatanes to realize that “that is fascism.” “What a scandal, here it is played!”

Irene Zugasti has written an article in El Salto: “What about Carlos.” And now, when fascists come out to everyone, it claims that generation that died on the subway in 2007. Now, in 2023, there is a Madrid fighting sideways in the neighborhoods, sometimes without electricity (Cañada Real). Against ghosts. Until one of the ties gets frightened, we won't see them in the media.

Bidali zure iritzi artikuluak helbide elektronikora

ARGIAk ez du zertan bat etorri artikuluen edukiarekin. Idatzien gehienezko luzera 4.500 karakterekoa da (espazioak barne). Idazkera aldetik gutxieneko zuzentasun bat beharrezkoa da: batetik, ARGIAk ezin du hartu zuzenketa sakona egiteko lanik; bestetik, egitekotan edukia nahi gabe aldatzeko arriskua dago. ARGIAk azaleko zuzenketak edo moldaketak egingo dizkie artikuluei, behar izanez gero.

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