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Palestine: (no) on our behalf

04 January 2024 - 08:30
Last updated: 14:57

We citizens have been on the streets again and again to show solidarity with Palestine. We have made clear the desire of the people. However, the institutions remain deaf and firm in giving air to Zionism. We hear reports of the genocide suffered by the Palestinian people (news too old), full of despair and helplessness.

The same question arises in all talks, demonstrations and events: “What can we citizens do?” The human nature of this question gives rise to our humanitarian vision, but it also hides our responsibility. We are not aware (do you want to be?) to what extent we are responsible for the situation. Maybe we don't want to see it.

This distance between citizens and institutions highlights the failings of our system (traps) and calls into question our comfort (our whiteness, our privileges, our global north). This gives us great concern. And discomfort is based on the following question: “Are we really willing to break with that comfort and assume our responsibility?” Because, if we act from a decolonial and anti-racist point of view, where should we stand?

Ayurveda philosophy explains that the human being has two eyes: the human being has two eyes to look with one eye out and the other one inside. We have two eyes at once to be able to look out and into. What do we then have inside?

This global system places us in the north. As we proudly (it is no less) are an oppressed and surviving people, we must also be aware that our identity has many edges and that today we have privileges in the global world. Its acceptance does not eliminate oppression in other contexts. Concepts, situations or identities are complex and are not explained by simple binary thoughts.

Becoming aware of this can be the first step towards ending that disability. This repositioning not only makes us responsible, but makes us possible agents of change. To the extent that the institutions (municipalities, Provincial Councils, the Basque Government) represent the people, we must act (to derail if necessary) and demand a change in Basque attitude and tendencies that will break the complicity we have today.

Today many Basque institutions are directly responsible for the genocide suffered by the Palestinian people. One of the most significant is the C.A.F. (Beasain) is a company (3% is the Basque Government). Since 2019, he has managed the Jerusalem tram and carried out “expansion tasks”. By bringing the tram to the illegal settlements in East Jerusalem, by uniting the occupied area with West Jerusalem, it makes it easier for settlers to fulfil their obligation (occupation and genocide). Although part (and benefits) of occupation and genocide, this year its president, Andrés Arizkorreta, will receive the Gipuzkoa Gold Medal from the Provincial Council (Palestinian blood stained).

We also know that many Basque companies are engaged in the manufacture of weapons (with subsidies from the Basque Government):

Aernnova de Miñano, ITP de Barakaldo, Sada de Andoain or Sener de Getxo.

Is this not what causes us discomfort? Because:

The destruction of a people is taking place on our behalf.

Genocide is happening on our behalf.

On our behalf, thanks to the complicity of the Basque Government, the cooperation of the Basque Foreign Ministers and the impetus of Basque companies, genocide is taking place.

On our behalf genocide is taking place with Basque complicity, Basque aid and the Basque impulse.

So the boycott does burn privileges and hold us accountable.

Free Gora Palestine, from the river to the sea.

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