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Mikel Zabraises Remembers The 38th Anniversary of Her Murder

  • Orbaizetarra Mikel Zabraise was arrested in San Sebastian at midnight on 25 November 1985, and it has been 38 years since the police murdered under torture at the Intxaurrondo headquarters. This Sunday was remembered in the act of memory held in Orbaizeta.

27 November 2023 - 12:24
Argazkia: Ahotsa

38 years later, Zabascension's memory is still alive. This Sunday they recalled the Orbaizetarra in the act of memory celebrated in the Orbaizeta Wave. Mikel Zabraise Gogoan, a popular initiative, family members and friends, recalled and called for the truth, justice and guarantee that it will not recur, and called for the “urgent” recognition of all cases of torture. The day after the day against male violence and thinking of the general feminist strike on Thursday, they have denounced the “double punishment” suffered by women.

In February 2021, the government named Zabraise as a victim, and the matter is still being studied in Navarre, along with the testimonies of another 300 torture. The popular initiative called for “courage” from the Government of Chivite and denounced the “contradictions” that are emerging along this path: “Many documents are missing or unqualified. And another example: in April of this year the civil guard Arturo Espejo Valero, involved in the death of Zabraise, was appointed Lieutenant General.”

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