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Anti-specialist demonstration in Donostia

  • Anti-specialist collective Nor has stressed that the first premise for animal welfare is “freedom”.
Azaroaren 1eko manifestazioa Donostian. // Argazkia: Nor Kolektiboa

02 November 2023 - 12:00

November 1 is the day of veganism and for the sixth year the members of the anti-specialist collective Nor have organized a demonstration in Donostia. The organizers say that the date has become a “meeting point for the fight for animals” and that “they will continue to act” as long as the animals continue to be in an unjust situation”.

About 200 people have taken the streets of Donostia. The anti-specialist group denounces that it does not believe “exploiters’ lies”: “Thousands of welfare stamps can be invented, but we know why they have that need. Research and images of farms published in recent years have given rise to many reflections, but oppression is not only the violence that is seen.”

The group sees its "freedom" for animal welfare as necessary. They have also defined “violence” as “that someone is not self-owned” and have stressed that those engaged in animal husbandry have “total control” over their lives.

The group concludes by saying that this exploitation is another bellows of the capitalist system: “They are able to do anything in the name of performance.”

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