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Barakaldo's friend is fined for facing a fascist

  • In July last year a group of fascists attacked on the knife. Now, that person who was attacked has been fined EUR 600 on charges of dealing with one of the fascists.
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09 February 2024 - 07:10
Last updated: 08:46

In July last year it was reported that in Barakaldo (Bizkaia) a group of fascists attacked a political militant. After a moment of tension, a fascist named Asier García attacked with a knife and tried to kill the attacked. He managed to almost completely avoid stabbing, but he suffered a chest incision.

They have explained it recently, but now they have punished the person who was attacked: He is fined EUR 600 on charges of dealing with one of the fascists who attacked him. He complains that he has been convicted without any evidence and is going to file an appeal.

Last summer, when the fascist attack was announced, it was announced that the aggressors were part of the Outlaws MC group. The group was founded in the United States of America in 1935, where supremacy, racism and homophobia stand out.

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