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The Olabarri Palace of Bilbao becomes a hotel

  • The company Bericato has acquired the building which was the seat of the Port Authority of Bilbao for over 70 years.
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01 March 2024 - 08:00
Olabarri Jauregia. Argazkia: Wikimedia Commons.

Olabarri Palace, on the Paseo del Campo de Volantín, 37 de Bilbao Bericato S.L. The company has been awarded by the Port Authority of Bilbao. The Navarra company has connections with the hotel chain Luze and aims to turn the famous building of 1894 into a luxury hotel. In 1953, the Works Council of the Port of Bilbao acquired the building as a repository of the architecture of the Bilbain era for its residential use, making enlargements from 1957, adhering to the surface of the palace building number 35 of Uriortu.

Luxury hotel chain

The palace first went to public auction in June 2023. However, this first sale was not sold, despite the interest aroused. Following the competition, the contract was allowed to be awarded directly and the company Palacio Olabarri Bericato acquired the amount of EUR 10,470,798 (VAT not included). The Navarre company is closely linked to the Luze chain, which jointly manages the hotels Luze Toro de Pamplona, Luze El Villa de Castejón and Luze Castellana de Madrid.

Protected heritage

As regards the architectural heritage of the building, all the renovation and refurbishment of the palace must respect its heritage and architectural protection, since all the elements of architectural and historical interest are protected. However, there are opinions against the new use, Uribarri Prest! The social platform today calls for mobilisation to condemn the loss of public use of the building and the sale to a private company. The call opened by the platform through social networks explains that the new use does not meet the needs of the neighborhood: “Public care centers for the elderly, youth spaces, community spaces for neighbors, children’s schools... There are many needs in this neighborhood.” They have denounced the action of the City Hall.

Call for demonstration

From the pedestrian area of Trauko to the Olabarri Palace they will show today Friday from 18:30 a.m.

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