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The demand for prisoners' rights will be transferred to the beaches on 6 August

  • Etxerat organizes mobilizations on 15 beaches of Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and Lapurdi, under the slogan Etxean.

28 July 2023 - 08:45
Last updated: 10:54
Artxiboko irudia.

The association of family and friends of Basque prisoners and refugees Etxerat is calling for an end to violations of the rights of Basque prisoners. “The dispersal of prisoners has ended and the situation has certainly improved, but they are returning to the regressions of grade and the sectors of the National High Court place more obstacles, as revenge outside the current context,” the association said.

Etxerat calls for the application of ordinary legislation to end "violations of rights still applicable to Basque prisoners". They recall the case of former Basque prisoner Sebas Etxaniz, who died at the age of 80 on 22 July, three months after leaving prison. "The long time he has spent in exile and prison has conditioned his death," the association said.

Etxerat joins Ararteko's statement on Nelson Mandela International Day: "The Basque prison administration must consolidate the dignity of the prisoner, reduce prison time and resocialize in the community", in order to protect the rights of prisoners and their families.

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They celebrate the end of the project cycle 'Bi arnasa'
"The documentary helps alleviate the torture wound in the mother and daughter"
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Request for 54 years ' imprisonment attributed to the organization of prisoners for six persons
The request for imprisonment has been made by the AVT Victims Association, which asks six persons accused of organizing the reception of prisoners to be sentenced to nine years in prison.

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