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Covite faces a student video on Txillardegi

  • Covite faces a video of the Ikusgela project. He argues that he “whitens” Txillardegi’s image and that he “insults” ETA victims by presenting them as “saviors of Basque culture”.
Bideoaren pantaila-argazkia. // Argazkia: Ikusgela

13 December 2023 - 10:29
Last updated: 17:41

Covite (Association of Victims of Terrorism) attacked an educational video of the Ikusgela project on "Txillardegi" by José Luis Alvarez Enparantza. The video analyzes the life of the Basque thinker and linguist and his contribution to the Basque culture, and Covite reports that the work has "bleached" and "calmed" the figure of Txillardegi, and does not mention his participation in the beginnings of ETA.

Ikusgela is a project of pedagogical videos made with Wikipedia contents in Basque, supported by the government. Covite has described as “immoral” that Lakua has supported the project. Covite President Consuelo Ordoñez has pointed out that Txillardegi has been presented as "hero" and "savior of Basque culture", which "insults" ETA victims. The association has claimed that the video is not “acceptable”, and has stressed that it does not want to acknowledge Txillardegi’s work by the Basque Country and Basque culture.

Watch video here:

The censorship campaign of Covite has caused fading and has pointed out on social networks Wikipediak in Basque: "We see this complaint with surprise. Txillardegi is an important person in Basque culture, literature, politics and thought. So in the Ikusgela project, not one, we've made two videos about it."

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