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National High Court Replaces Juan Carlos Subijana and Joseba Frontera, Basque political prisoners

  • In the case of Subijana and Frontera, for the second time, the Central Court of Prison Surveillance of Spain has recovered the third grade approved by the Basauri prison. Subijana is a severely ill Alavesa prisoner. Sare has expressed “discontent and anger” and announced mobilisations.

06 November 2023 - 07:21
Argazkia: Sare

Alavesa Subijana has been in prison for 19 years. In February 2021, the Basque Country was expelled from Mansilla de León prison and fired in August 2022 after the third grade. But in February 2023, the National Court decreed regression to second grade and was held in Basauri. He earned the third grade for the second time and has been incarcerated for the second time with the recovery of the grade.

In accordance with the usual procedure, the Treatment Commission of the Basauri Penitentiary Centre proposed the granting of the third grade of Subijana, and the Government Justice Department took a favourable decision, inter alia, on the serious health condition of the person in detention due to various pathologies. The sanction was being carried out at home and with telematic control.

Prosecutor's initiative

Joseba Frontera, born in Gaztelumendi Ugao (Bizkaia), is 64 years old and has 20 prisoners. “He served three-quarters of his sentence in 2019. It meets all the requirements to be in third grade,” Sare said. In June it is the first time that the National High Court has returned to him the third grade of government and returned to prison. He now has the same experience for the second time.

In the case of both Borda and Subijana, the Prosecutor ' s Office has appealed to the Basauri prison and to the Government ' s decision, the Central Prison Monitoring Tribunal has admitted to proceedings and both have been imprisoned until their resolution.


Sara has expressed “dissatisfaction and anger” over the decisions of an “emergency court”: “Exceptional courts continue to impede the return of prisoners to their homes.” The movement for the rights of prisoners, refugees and deportees has ensured that it will continue to work “opening doors to coexistence” and “closing the door to an exceptional penitentiary policy”, and has called on citizens to join this effort.

Sara announces mobilizations. On Wednesday, November 8, show at Juan Karlos Subijana's house! No grade regression! under the slogan. The exact date of mobilisation in defence of Borda’s rights and against grade regressions has not yet given rise to movements, but has announced that they will be “in the coming days”.

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