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Launch Liberation Brigade 2023 campaign

  • The task of the brigadists will be to repatriate knowledge of the liberal struggles in Europe, the Middle East and Abya Yala. Askapena stressed that internationalist solidarity is an "indispensable tool" among peoples and that, in addition to providing support and solidarity to the other public workers of the world, "we are in the same struggle".

24 February 2023 - 09:52
Askapenaren 2017ko brigada Bolivian. Argazkia: Askapena

Askapena launches the 2023 Brigade campaign from 24 February to 9 April. The task of the brigadists will be to repatriate knowledge of the liberation struggles in Europe, the Middle East and Abya Yala. The internationalist organization has announced that they want to launch the "organization of internationalist solidarity", an organization in two areas, to be carried out in Euskal Herria and internationally.

This year they want to attach particular importance to the European brigades: "The events of recent months have made it clear that if the imperialist structures of the European Union are not broken, there will be no liberation, so relations between the working peoples of Europe must be strengthened".

Therefore, although it has been more than six decades since Che Guevara stated that solidarity is a humility among peoples, the association has stressed that internationalist solidarity is more than ever an "indispensable tool" among peoples.

On the other hand, he explains that internationalism is to place the struggle for personal liberation in an international strategy and to put solidarity into practice. To this end, he stressed the importance of promoting a practice presided over by the working class: "The liberation of the working class of the Basque Country is necessarily linked to the liberation of the world working class. Those of us who are organized in the struggle in the Basque Country inevitably have to join the other liberation struggles, because if not, the individual struggle will have no future." In fact, he adds that, beyond giving support and solidarity to the other public workers of the world, it is about understanding that "we are in the same struggle".


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