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The formation of the municipal group in Asiro begins and heads to UPN street

  • UPN has responded very harshly to the PSN with the motion of censure of the City of Pamplona and has insulted the socialists like never before. EH Bildu, for its part, has started meeting on Friday morning with opposition groups to form the next municipal group.
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15 December 2023 - 11:36

The motion of censure on the 28th is underway and this Friday EH Bildu has met with the opposition political forces to form a new government team. EH Bildu (8 councillors), Geroa Bai (2) and Safe-Zurekin (1) will form the municipal government. The PSN will externally support the mayor of Joseba Asirón, as he announced in announcing the motion of censure.

Joseba Asiron calls on Mayor Cristina Ibarrola to make as normal a transition as possible, but UPN does not seem to provide everything. Proof of this is that it has already suspended various acts of its municipal activity. In the afternoon of the following day, Ibarrola suspended the ordinary plenary session and on 28 December he convened an extraordinary session before the motion of censure was formalized. Among other things, Tomás Rodríguez of the PSN was the delegate of Elma Saiz.

It also removed the San Fermín table to be held next Monday and the Ensanche neighbourhood forum. And it has also canceled the survey that was taking place this week on Sangüesa Street parking. The opposition complained that UPN wanted to use this survey to restart the car park. The parking project will be suspended and the municipal group will otherwise work on the issue of lack of parking in the area.

Feijóo will also visit Pamplona on Sunday

UPN will take the anger to the street on Sunday in Pamplona, in the protest session he has called at 12:00 in the Town Hall Square. And the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has soon announced his presence to ask the PSN not to realize the “miserable pact” with EH Bildu. As has happened in recent weeks throughout the Spanish state, UPN has followed the PP mobilizations in Pamplona and Navarra, but without its acronyms appearing directly.

In general, the PP and Vox have warmed the streets on the occasion of the Amnesty Law, but regionalists have also been in Navarre. Now UPN is going to shake, but the PP does not want to miss the opportunity and wants to make it clear that Navarra is a state problem. The current leadership of UPN has demonstrated in recent months its willingness to work also in the political centre, although it now seems incredible to blink PSN and Geroa Bai, but its course is quite the opposite.

There are many examples of this these days in Pamplona and Navarra, but perhaps the most significant is what Javier Esparza said this Thursday in the Parliament of Navarra, among which the PSN President, María Chivite, and the party directive, which was “garbage”. And he reaffirmed that those of EH Bildu are terrorists. After the hardest speech ever against the SNP, the UPN parliamentary group left the plenary. Cristina Ibarrola is not left behind and, among other things, accuses the PSN of being “miserable”.

Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government of Spain and of the PSOE, expressed his support for the step taken by the PSN on Thursday, determining that the City of Pamplona was paralysed and that the Socialists have taken the step to avoid it.


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