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Peronist Massa wins by surprise on the first lap, ahead of Milei ultra

  • Sergio Massa, a member of the Union for the Homeland, acting minister of economy, has won the first round of the elections in Argentina. It was a surprise, because according to surveys the far-right Javier Milei would be the most voted. The former received 36.64% of the votes and the latter received 30.01%.
Sergio Massa garaipena ospatzen.

23 October 2023 - 10:51
Last updated: 12:27

The candidate for president of the Union for the Homeland, Sergio Massa, has surpassed six points of advantage. Massa is expected to win the number of votes for the second round, but was not expected to win in the first round. Milei's victory was expected. Right-wing candidate Patricia Bullrich was not expected to go through the first round, as has happened.

The winner of the first round of elections, the official Massa, is the acting Minister of Economy. Currently, in Argentina, inflation is 140 per cent and poverty is 40 per cent. International expert Mikel Aramendi spoke in Euskadi Irratia and the journalist asked him how it can be understood that in a country with an economic situation like this, he won the party of the candidate who is still a minister of economy. Aramendi speaks of fear, of the need to leave behind an ultra-right candidate like Milei. According to Aramendi, the Argentinians voted not only with their nose closed, but also with their mouth closed. Participation has increased by 7%. Besides fear, another reason to win is that the incumbent government has adopted a series of economic measures to alleviate the purchasing power of the Argentinians.

The second round will take place on 19 November.

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