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Franchises in Arrasate

years ago

26 September 1936,

Franchises entered Arrasate. By then, many Mondragonese had fled to Bizkaia, evacuating the village as the Francoists approached. The front lasted for several days protecting Arrasate, but the arms imbalance and the superiority of the Francoist side in speed meant that the Basque Army had to go back. The 1936 war, followed by Francoist repression, left a deep wound in Mondragon. 50 people killed or missing, over 100 long-term prisoners for farcical trials without guarantees of any kind and over 200 people imprisoned or forced to work in workers’ battalions.


See Altuna Recio and Juan Ramón Garai Bengoa, Towards a shared memory: Mondragon 1936-1956, war, resistance and Franco.

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