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Death of Eugenio Gutierrez Tigre in Idauze-Mendin GAL

years ago

25 February 1984,

Eugenio Gutierrez Tigre was killed by GAL Idauze-Mendin. Leioa Gutiérrez was present in the trade unionism and in the committees by Amnesty, until he had to take refuge in Iparralde. To learn Basque, I was in a boarding school organized for refugees in Idauze-Mendi. At eleven, he went out in the street, a sniper shot away with telescopic sights and died at the school door. It was related to the “professional” time of the GAL and assumed death. There were major disturbances in Pasaia and San Sebastian, among others. The investigation was filed by the Spanish courts.


Emilio Lopez Adam, Armed Struggle in the Basque Country (1967-2011) (May).

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