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U.S. nuclear test caught 23 Japanese sailors on Bikini Atoll

years ago

01 March 1954,

The US nuclear test captured 23 Japanese sailors on the Bikini Atoll. In the fishing boat Fukuryu Maru (The Dragon of Fortune in Basque) were when these people were contaminated with radioactive substances. The American military did not inform the fishing vessel, which was 40 miles further from the marked safety framework, or 100 miles from the inhabitants of the island of Rongelap, and triggered the launch of the explosive Bravo of fifteen megatons. The explosion was higher than expected and changed the wind direction. Radioactivity also affected the animals, which had to burn 500 tonnes of fish in the coming months. 23 sailors died shortly after returning to Japan. In Japan, where Hiroshima and Nagasaki were present, it caused a great shock.


Pello Zubiria, Net Nearby: The Lucky Dragon Bikini Pump (ARGIA, April 10, 2005) ended.

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