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The Tubes Reunidos trade unions denounce the appearance of asbestos in a furnace and the lack of work for several days

  • The Works Committee has denounced that between 26 February and 3 March asbestos occurred in works carried out in the calibrating furnace and that during those days the work was not cut off. The company explains that the measures were taken as soon as it became aware.

11 March 2024 - 09:58
Amurrioko Tubos Reunidos enpresa. /

The trade unions of Pipes Reunidos have informed the workers of Amurrio, as well as the subcontractors working in the plant, of the appearance of asbestos in the calibrating furnace on 26 February in the works being carried out.

The works continued until 3 March and then stopped. They therefore ask workers in the area to contact medical services.

In addition, the works council accuses the company of not controlling the situation. The notification took place on 5 March. Tubes Reunited was asked to hold an urgent meeting with the Prevention Delegates to learn about the measures taken by the company, the potential workers affected, etc.

The trade unions also consider that the asbestos certificate issued in 2005 (which indicated that there was no such material at the factory) is not valid and that the new one has to be completed.

Clash Company-Trade Unions

Trade union communication has had a management response for two reasons. On the one hand, the Works Council points out that asbestos has been found at the plant on more than one occasion (the ESK trade union adds that it has happened four times in the last four years) and those responsible for the company say it is not true.

Tubes Reunidos explains that as soon as he has identified asbestos he has stopped his work and has hired a company to channel the situation.

Asbestos is a potentially carcinogenic material that has influenced public health in Ayala.

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