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The Social Rights Charter of the Basque Country organizes meetings to reflect on the ecosocial transition

  • By 30 September the meetings called "The Sea of the Small Fires" were organized in Ozaeta (Álava). They invite all social movement agents to reflect on "strengthening ties", "creating synergies" and "common soils and challenges".
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14 September 2023 - 08:24
Last updated: 11:04

With the objective of the eco-social transition, the Social Rights Charter of the Basque Country has organized the meetings "The Sea of the Small Fires" in the Sorcerer Garaia of Ozaeta. "The different social movements are working, by area, we have proposals and we have something to say. The aim of this initiative is to strengthen relations between all, create synergies and focus on common soils and challenges we share." That is how they presented the quote.

The organizers are clear that at the level of Euskal Herria there are many struggles and that takes place in multiple areas: the fight against war, feminism, environmentalism, the fight against poverty… Given this, "we have to ignite the sea of the small fires to think and build together an eco-social transition," they said.

Reflection of the whole day

From 10:00 a.m. onwards, consideration will be given to the ingredients that are intended to be placed in the framework of the eco-social transition, and in the afternoon discussions will be held on whether or not to put them together. The Charter of Social Rights of the Basque Country has sent its letter to all social and trade union agents.

Ten years ago, a reflection began on the bill of rights of the Basque Country.

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