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Looking for a attic member, 'dear'

Argazkia: Mendi Urruzuno, Kulturaz

09 November 2023 - 10:00

Something goes but I don't know why

Company: Laboratory of creativity Metróadroka.

When: 27 October.

Where: Navarra Theatre School (Pamplona).


We're looking for it: someone who's loved to make coexistence in this attic. A house that could be yours. The door of your house always open, as in yours. Elements of common houses: couch, blanket, lamp, plastic flowers, table, static bike… Those that can be yours. A couple that might be common. One of them comes together only when they don't look alike. Is it a couple? Cax First visitor.

We accept: horses, very bad jokes, classical writer complexes, non-monogamous pastries, which have run out of crews because of monogamy, dinosaurs, laughing like the canned sitcomas laughs, friends who ask existential questions, accept to ride a static bike and many more characters, objects and surreal moments.

A long sequence of events that can happen (or not) every day under a roof. Scenes that take you home from time to time. Why a long string of questions start with the interrogation. Slow dances. Moments to dance the probe. Naked bodies and silk suits. A rebel invisible to the blue chroma. Maite, Javier and Marina. Edurne hasn't. Cax Another visitor.

We offer a crazy, loving program that questions your family, your company, your affective sex and coexistence.

Everything is gonna be allright! But not everything is fine. The family lives under the same roof. Or not. How many violence and attitudes we admit under one roof. Escaping from this under the roof is betraying the family. The family is a bond. The family is not chosen. You touch the family. You can call your friends family, but it won't be family. It's family and period.

Why did you then make an announcement, my dear?

Dear because we keep the problems under the carpet comfortable. Because the bicycle is as static as it is static as living with you, honey. I leave on the table and I have four or five things to scream, honey. Because we spend our lives sitting on the couch that's losing wind, doing nothing, sweetheart. Dear for being chantrea.

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