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“Associations and peoples that we would not have thought of have taken miles in Xiberoa”

  • She ran for Zuberoa on Friday morning and, although she spent little time, she has served to show that accession to the Basque country is increasing and that young people come with strength. “Doing Basque activities outside the ikastola is complicated, but Korrika charges us the batteries by seeing how many people there are,” explains Oihana Larrandaburu, Xibero’s ikastolas professor.

16 March 2024 - 14:47
Last updated: 2024-03-17 14:37:03
Xiberoko ikastolak Maulen lekukoa hartu duen unea, Oihana Larrandabere arrosaz. / Argazkia: AEK.

The ikastolas of Xibero took the witness at the dawn of March 15 in Maule, at kilometer 165. Among them was Oihana Larrandaburu, former student of the same and current professor of ikastola Eperra, and tells us that the passage of Korrika has been “a great pleasure” that we have all lived together: “When we went past the Korrika we have approached our kilometer, some aitatxis and some amatxis, some burasos, a group of students. It has been a sense of pride like this, of terrorizing everyone there.”

Enlarged membership

Larrandaburu has noticed a “great change” in the Euskaltzale of Zuberoa: “Accession has expanded, at least, although not all may be vasophils or vasophils.” He says that they have managed to increase this favorable attitude with the work of years: “In Maule and in other villages, miles have also been taken.” However, he recognized that after leaving the context of the Korrika the daily life is different: “We are fought and it is difficult to hear Euskera outside the ikastola”.

Recalling the times of his childhood, he is aware that not always so many people have gathered in the Basque promotion initiative: “The memory of the Korrika of Children’s Time was one of the biggest, but speaking of burascones, they tell what fight was and was complicated.” Remember that in the 1980s and 1990s when Korrika passed through Zuberoa there were very few people, and that is why it is “very nice” to see the current strength and, above all, the large number of young people. He has confirmed that the batteries are “charged” and that the weekend will continue together in carnivals in Maule and in cultural activities. Korrika has also been present, as they have made a giant witness for carnivals.

Euskera at the forefront

How to explain to children the claim of Korrika? Larrandaburu clarifies that in ikastola the use of the Euskera is “always” applied in front, and that the importance of Korrika is transmitted to children. “Buraso many nights attend class and AEK, that gives strength, children know what it is.” He emphasizes that he has helped bring to the front line this year’s demands in Korrikan Azterketa Euskaraz, because the students of Zuberoa have also lived this struggle closely.

The ikastolas of Xibero turned 50 in the year 2023, and Larrandaburu recalled in the Boya de Xibero that they had very difficult beginnings, with hunger strikes and fights, “little by little he has made his way.” They currently have 105 students at the ikastola de Aloz in Basabürüa and at the ikastola Eperra de Sohüta.

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