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Jaizkibel asks the mayor of Hondarribia to open a dialogue table

  • The joint company has made an assessment of the festivities of 2023 and the alarm of September 8, emphasizing that this year has been "an exciting year". He stresses that the gestures carried out by the City Council have contributed to creating spaces for coexistence, but that the reception of the discriminatory alarm "is not neutral".

18 September 2023 - 08:57
Last updated: 12:35
1.000 lagun inguruk desfilatu dute aurten Jaizkibelekin. (Argazkia: Bidasoko Hitza)

This year has been "an exciting year" for the company Jaizkibel, as pointed out in the valuation made around the festivities of 2023 and 8 September. About 1,000 people have outlined this year with Jaizkibel, a journey full of gestures and applause for him.

This year the mayor of Hondarribia has received the company Jaizkibel for the first time. Abotsanitz won the elections in May and there has been a change in the issue of alarm. For the first time, Mayor Igor Enparan and political representatives greet Jaizkibel at the gates of the church, in the same place as the alarming discrimination.

There have been more changes, as the company has left the Gernika Tree for the first time. Participants have appreciated the reception and support of members of other companies. "Some want to avoid creating spaces of sponsorship and joint celebration, but it is clear that many Hondarribiarras want to celebrate the festivities together."

Jaizkibel stresses that it would be more difficult to create these coexistence spaces if it were not for the gestures made by the City Hall. However, the mayor has also received the exclusionary alarm and gestures in favor of both "not neutral", according to the members of the company. "Defending a right is not the same as having "sensitivity" to violate it.

They ask the City Hall and the institutions to express "a clear and sincere strategy for the solution" in the coming months. Specifically, they call on Enparan to open a dialogue table before December, "without accepting any veto".

Hondarribia's PNV, once again, does not receive

They reject the position of the PNV in Hondarribia and qualify as "very serious" the letter that was published on the eve of 8 September. He said that Jaizkibel did not attend the City of Hondarribia and that he "judged the presence or absence of the councillors with political criteria". Another year, the local PNV has not welcomed the company, and has pointed out that Jaizkibel will receive him "when he legitimates the corporation and leaves the way for the demonstration".

The PNV of Hondarribia no, but Eider Mendoza, a general member of Gipuzkoa, was in reception. Jaizkibel notes that he does not "see coherence" between the positions and words of the PNV in Gipuzkoa and Hondarribia.

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