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Nine schools in Pamplona will participate in the Bertsolaritza irakaskuntza programme

  • Participants will be 38 groups of 5th and 6th grade students, with a total of 15 sessions per week.
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13 September 2023 - 07:57


Nine public centres of Model D in Pamplona will offer the next course the ‘Bertsolaritza irakaskuntza’ programme. Students of 5th and 6th grade will know the basic principles of bertsolarism through the program organized by the City Council of Pamplona and managed by the Navarra Association of Bertsolaris. This year the number of groups has increased from 36 to 38, a budget increase of EUR 2,500 compared to the previous year, amounting to EUR 47,500.






The aim of the programme is the transmission of bertsolarism, the oral heritage of Navarra. By the way, students will work orality and use language playfully in non-formal contexts. Likewise, among its objectives is the development by students of social, personal, communicative and linguistic skills.






In the organized sessions, students will be able to acquire basic knowledge about the history of bertsolarism, melodies, metrics, rhymes and others. As a playful context, the teaching of technique through games and exercises will be influenced. Bertsolarism works on four aspects: language, culture, music and personal and social skills. The didactic material is organized in sequences, each of which can be acquired in three formats: book, card games and digital platform.






Bertsolarism sessions will take place once a week at school hours, totaling 15 hours. The participating centres are: Ikastola Hegoalde, San Francisco, Bernat Etxepare, Patxi Larrainzar, Elorri, Mendigoiti, Amaiur Ikastola, San Jorge and Buztintxuri.


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