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They find mass graves in a Palestinian village, linked to the 1948 massacre in Israel.

  • In the town of Tantura, now devastated, three mass graves have been found that calculate between 40 and 200 bodies, according to The Guardian. In the 1948 war, Israeli armies would be part of the Palestinian massacre.

25 May 2023 - 12:00
Last updated: 17:03

Researchers at the University of London, Forensic Architecture, analyzed cartographic data and aerial photographs of the time. To do so, they speak with living witnesses and explore the records of the Israeli army. Data have been used to create a 3D modelling to determine whether existing cemeteries and graves are buried.

Following the discovery, the Palestinian Adalah Group, which is working on legal issues, has filed a first legal petition in Israel, on behalf of the families remaining in Tantura, to protect the spaces.

"It is difficult to argue that there is no mass grave in Tantura, and the rights of families to visit them and the right to dignified burial under Israeli and international law have been violated," said Adalah director Suhad Bishara.

The Tantura and Adalah family committee expects further investigations into the facts.


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Rafah eta Egipto arteko igarobidea irekitzeko ere agindu dio, laguntza humanitarioa sartu dadin. NBEko ikertzaileei sarbidea bermatu beharko die, eta hilabeteko epean epaitegira itzuli beharko du Israelek. Adituen arabera, sionistek ez dute agindua beteko.

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