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Netanyahu has no post-war plans for Gaza

  • The Israeli Defence Minister, Yoav Gallant, has publicly accused Netanyahu that the lack of a plan to end the “war” will force Israel to impose military and civilian control in Gaza. The debate on the role of the Palestinian National Authority has led to collisions in the war cabinet of the Zionists.

17 May 2024 - 15:31

When the Gaza genocide has been going on for seven months, the Zionist government is disagreeing on the consequences of the Gaza attacks, because the colonizing force wants to decide who is going to govern the post-war scenario in Gaza. The Israeli Defence Minister, Yoav Gallant, has publicly criticised Netanyahu’s lack of plan and has demonstrated, according to many media outlets, the strategy for the future of the Israeli division in the Gaza War Cabinet.

Defence Minister Gallant warned that the Prime Minister’s position opens a “risky path” because it opens up the idea that there will be Israeli civilian and military control in Gaza. “The lack of decision is a decision in itself,” says Galland. Netanyahu points out that it makes no sense to make a post-war plan before Hamas is completely destroyed.

The debate focuses, according to Axios, on whether the Palestinian National Power will be a “member” of Israel in establishing a new direction towards Gaza. Minister Gallant’s vision is to “collaborate” with PAN and, according to Axios, the majority of the Israeli security and intelligence community is in the same sense. Gallan pointed out that any scenario in which Israel should impose military and civilian control would damage the military and economic power of the Zionist State. Benjamin Netanyahu publicly calls on him to say that Israel is not going to take control of Gaza and that another alternative government to Hamas will be implemented “immediately”.

Refusal of Netanyahu

The allies of Netanyahu and his extreme right have stated that the Palestinian National Power defends terrorism and have shown their opposition to the PAN positioning itself as a leader after the war. Benjamin Netanyahu responds to Yoav Galland’s criticism in an official video released this week indicating that he is not prepared to change “Hamastan Fatahstan” to “Fatah”, a party leading the Palestinian National Authority, today official government of the West Bank.

Itamar Ben Gvir and Como Smotrich Netanyahu are members of the government coalition, the Ministers of Security and Finance respectively, and have asked the prime minister to dismiss Gallant. Ben Gvir and Smotrich have made numerous statements in recent weeks saying that the whole Gauze should be emptied and settler settlements established. They have already spoken many times in favour of the death or expulsion of all Palestinians.

United States by Gallán

Media Axios has announced that sources of Joe Biden’s administration have acknowledged that they agree with the statements of the Defense Minister. It seems that the Biden Administration has the same concern about Israel’s lack of plan, because that can lead to the recovery of Hamas in these areas. “Our goal is to see Hamas destroyed,” U.S. government sources explain. They call on Israel to work on the strategy following the attacks.

While Zionists and EE.UU. discuss who will send in Palestine, there have been no elections in Gaza since 2006. Sixteen won then and formed a coalition government with Fatah, naming Ismail Haniyeh delegate of Sixteen to the head of the Palestinian National Authority. The major disputes between Fatah and Hamas broke the deal and Sixteen took control of the Gaza government in 2007. It has been governing ever since. More than half of the current population of Gaza is underage in the year of the last unborn elections.

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