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More than a third of humanity

23 April 2024 - 11:36
Arazoa da Myanmar gerra “zibilean” murgildu dela azken sei hilabeteetan, duela hiru urteko estatu-kolpe militarraren segizioan. / Argazkia: X/ @kokang0123

Like the fires, the ease of war to escape and spread from control was better known than the one known, so it could be thought that the world should be alert to a conflict that directly affects countries that intermingle well over a third of humanity, and are being profoundly lost. But it seems not. Myanmar, where is that? Why do we have to worry about what happens?

Any cartographic resource at your disposal will tell you that South Asia, beyond the open sea, has five other bordering countries. But what five: Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. Among the five, they account for about 38 percent of humanity. It doesn't happen anywhere else in the world.

But this would not in itself be a headache. The problem is that Myanmar has immersed itself in the “civil” war in the last six months, in the kidnapping of the military coup of three years ago. The “civil” nature of this war must be quoted, not only because of what is common in these cases, but because it is questionable that the “internal war” of a people is what we have in Myanmar today.

In fact, since he gained independence in the decolonization process under the name of Burma/Burma, what we now know as Myanmar has been in a constant “domestic war”. It would be a conflict between authority and minorities (shan, kachin, karen, rakhine, Chinese), which theoretically would represent the Bamaran people, a large local majority; in practice, a ruthless war between the army and ethnic guerrillas, which has almost permanently held real power in their hands. Only the case of rohingys is known to us.

The novelty that the 2021 coup has incorporated into this fact is the friendship of the opposition (more political than military and operational for the time being) between the Bamar-Gothic majority against the military with a revitalized armed rebellion of ethnic minorities against the common enemy. It probably has to do with the slowness of the morale of Tatmadaw's army.

But the knot gets tangled if we look at the map more precisely and we are aware that the survey is a border fact, with own property, but also with operativity. And right now, in part, Naypyidaw's military power would be isolated from neighboring countries.

Faced with this situation, his nervousness has already begun to become an act, particularly in China and India, in the case of the two giants. Because the fire in Myanmar can easily cross those limits that so far seemed lost at the finish of Yunnan, Assam.

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