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They ask the Public Institution of the Basque Country for a linguistic policy that guarantees the future of the Basque Country

  • The Basque Confederation has asked the Basque Public Entity (EEP) for a policy that guarantees 30% vasco-speakers by 2050. The new president of EEP was appointed this Thursday in the general assembly: Maider Behotegi.

20 October 2023 - 10:47
Last updated: 13:36
Euskal Konfederazioko kideak, ostegun goizeko agerraldian, Baionan (Argazkia: Euskal Konfederazioa)

The Basque Confederation appeared this Thursday in Baiona to propose to the Basque Public Institution (EEP) a language policy that guarantees the future of the Basque Country. Because the only proposal on the table is to “follow as it has been so far”. The public institutions involved will discuss in the coming weeks the nature of the PEI and decide on the resources it will have in the future. According to the confederation, to follow the current pace would be “to condemn the Basque to die”.

The Basque Confederation has asked the Public Institution of the Basque Country for a policy that guarantees 30% of Basque speakers by 2050, since it is expected that by 2050 in Ipar Euskal Herria, with 371,000 inhabitants, the number of Euskaldunes will be close to 17%. “The PSE does not propose anything for the number of Basques to increase in absolute values and percentages,” the Basque Confederation said. If the population growth follows the trend of recent years, the number of Euskaldunes will be below 16%. They claim they are “terrifying data.”

The PNV supports the Basque Confederation

Through a press release, the PNV has committed itself to a “much more necessary linguistic policy” for the Basque Country, as proclaimed by the Basque Confederation. For the political party, “without mobilizations for the defense of the Basque Country, the rank of the Euskaldunes of Iparralde will be reduced”.

It has defended a Statute for the Basque Country that guarantees legal stability and a more ambitious language policy.

Change of presidency

This Thursday, Maider Behotegi has been appointed president of the EEP General Assembly for the electorate to take the witness of Antton Kurutxarri for the next three years. In parallel with the reprimand, an interinstitutional negotiation will be initiated to determine its contribution to the WFP budget: “The Basque industry has demonstrated for decades that there is no fatality and that the necessary efforts, the essential investments, yield results,” said the Basque Confederation. The Confederation calls on the new president to establish “brave goals” and “appropriate means”.

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